I’m in trouble now

I’m having writer’s block. I hate it when this happens.

I’m supposed to be well on my way through my “other” job. I have 9 articles (or rather, reviews) to write yet so far I am not satisfied anything that I’ve written. Two reasons for this.

One : I can’t seem to get my flow of writing going on (although blogging about it seems to be helping me get words out somewhat)

Two : There’s just nothing to write about. Yes, I’m drained out of ideas.

See, I have to write about “BEING SPACES”. A slightly complicating title that’s for sure. Basically, I have to write about places where you usually have to pay for the food and drinks, yet you go there for that somehing extra, and not just the food and drinks. Like maybe an old cafe and library in one, or someplace where you can eat drink and be your own music dj. You know, unique places like that, which has it’s own living-room-like settings for you to chill at.

Unfortunately, the only lepak places I can think of are our usual mamaks and kopitiams and apart from the upscale Starbucks, I can think of no more. That’s not good. I can come up with no setting in KL where you can count as unique.

Perhaps one of you out there know of some hidden treasure trove that I am absolutely oblivious to? Please do share!!


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