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Hello there peeps!! Have you heard of that local tv series called “Anak Pontianak”? The tv series stars Zarina An-Julie (or is it Zarina Ann Julie, i’m not sure of the spelling) as one of the leads and this petite young lady sure has been causing some waves. Unfortunately, it’s for all the wrong reasons. Personal pictures of her has been spread across the net and has even made it to the hands of reporters. Hence, she’s been getting some vicious bites from the media commenting on her lewd behaviour.

Previously, I too received pictures of her through email. Errr… very visual pictures with no clothes on with whom I believe is her boyfriend at that time. I felt a bit sorry for her as I’m very sure that those pictures were not meant for public viewing.

Now I’ve read some interesting news on her in HM today. Apparently the culprits are doing it again. Spreading personal pictures of her in interesting poses and clothes to various random people (and of course, the media). Read the news below.

Artis panas di PD

GEORGETOWN: Kecoh lagi. Selepas dikejutkan dengan kiriman e-mel gambar bogel membabitkan seorang pelakon wanita sebuah drama bersiri, kini gadis itu kembali dengan kontroversi terbaru.

Sesuatu lebih mengejutkan berlaku apabila Harian Metro menerima kiriman e-mel daripada seorang pembaca mendakwa pelakon berusia 21 tahun terbabit berpakaian seksi sehingga menampakkan payu dara.

Pembaca yang dikenali sebagai Ahmad Suhaimi Salim dari Bayan Lepas di sini, berkata dia hanya menyedari perkara itu selepas menerima kiriman gambar berkenaan menerusi e-mel daripada rakannya, baru-baru ini.

Menurutnya, selepas melihatnya, dia terkejut apabila mendapati wajah wanita di dalam gambar itu mempunyai iras pelakon drama yang pernah mencetuskan kontroversi suatu ketika dulu.

“Lebih mengejutkan, e-mel berkenaan turut mendakwa gambar itu diambil ketika pelakon itu bersama rakan-rakannya menghadiri sebuah parti di Port Dickson baru-baru ini,” katanya ketika menghubungi Harian Metro di sini, semalam.

Ahmad berkata, jika melihat pada gambar yang diterimanya, seseorang pasti akan tertanya-tanya sama ada pelakon wanita terbabit ingin mencetuskan kontroversi sekali lagi dengan gambar seksinya.

Menurutnya, dia hairan dengan sikap pelakon terbabit sama ada sudah hilang arah hidup atau gemar bergelumang dengan aktiviti sosial hingga melanggar batasan pergaulan antara lelaki dan wanita.

Katanya, gambar itu memaparkan pelakon wanita terbabit berpakaian seksi yang menjolok mata dan menimbulkan persoalan sama ada gambar itu mungkin diambil untuk simpanan peribadi.

“Saya yakin ada pihak mungkin cuba menganiaya atau mengaibkan maruah artis terbabit dengan menyebarkan melalui Internet.

“Saya juga difahamkan penyebaran gambar itu bukan sahaja membabitkan pelakon drama terbabit, malah turut membabitkan seorang lagi pelakon wanita lain yang pernah mencetuskan kontroversi,” katanya.

Katanya, jika gambar yang tersebar itu adalah wajah pelakon drama terbabit maka dia diharap dapat kembali ke pangkal jalan dengan mengambil tindakan undang-undang terhadap individu tidak bertanggungjawab.

* * * * * * *

Now, I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean for this picture, with this pose, to be out in the newspaper, considering that we’re living in Malaysia with all the “holier-than-thou” people out and about. I’m giving her the benefit of doubt as she can’t be that dumb.

I mean, look at the picture. It’s obvious that she’s at a beach party (check out the sandy beach background) and that what she’s wearing is a swimsuit (an extremely sexy one that could qualify for Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition), and she pulled on perhaps a pair of shorts underneath. It’s a party. I’m positively sure that it’s a private party. Hence around people she trust. Unfortunately, some people broke that trust the moment they spread around these pictures.

Tsk tsk…

Perhaps it’s true that as a public figure, she should watch her back more and not do things that would be frowned upon, but in the end, it’s all up to the individual as to how he or she lives her life.
Don’t you agree?

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  1. quite a trampy reputation?? ahahah she’s known as THE whore in her own neighbourhood,TTDI. come on, goes to show that she’s not a plesant person to be around with.. why all the rumours then right? she’s not even a good actress to begin with.

  2. She’s well known for a cock teaser but this time around i guess she just went over board to “tease” or maybe she don’t think it’s over board. Beauty is not just how big is ur boobs, if she’s that loose is just a total turn off.p.s those are one fugly swim suit

  3. oh pls dear, u got it all wrong. she is an attention whore. a big one. do u guys know that she was quite pleased with the attention she got when her nude pictures were all over the internet? some of us even think that she was the one who did it as it was her who took those pictures and kept it in the camera as if no one could see. i mean come on, they’re nude pictures, keep them to yourself.. instead she’s showing the whole table her naked photos with her ex fling. wth right? im just letting u guys know she ain’t right up there. she’s a heroin addict, a junkie. stay away

  4. totally agree with the above ! i mean if im abraod i wear what i want la tahu bertempat. that outfit is just too much. and from a fashion point of view its just not flaterring on her. jeng semacam je. and the above also said that it has happened b4 its like she is fishing for publicity. hv a nice sunday. ok i will sign in but at times maals la so i will put L tu u know la its me. btw i wrote a post abt u, did u see or not ?

  5. yesholier than thou attitude is prevalent here. but you know what sir? they have a saying that goes something like this. When in Rome do as the Romans do. When in Kuala Lumpur please do as the KL do lah. she should have learn her lesson from the leaked sex pics last year. but nope.. like all dumb ass wannabe bimbettes she stil find a way to fuck up a cup of coffee. or in her case a swimsuit.i’m all for freedom of expression but not at the expense of public taste dude. ah thanks for teh bews Julie. i love the last set. any chance for more? at this rate she will be the new Wan NurhazlinLOL

  6. erk…..if she wanna show off her “property” , then we all the male feels so please to enjoy it…. barang free maa,bkan kena bayar utk tgk pun… huuhuhu in other words, sendirik mau ingat la….

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