Ibrahim Ali wants a big campaign for women to ACCEPT poligamy

This has got to be the utter most ridiculous thing for a politician to say, EVER!!! UGH!!!!

I pity his wife. For those who don’t know, this is how Ibrahim Ali looks like.

Call to ‘teach’ women on polygamy raises heckles

THE discussion on problems afflicting the Syariah Courts caused a ruckus after Ibrahim Ali (Ind – Pasir Mas) called for a campaign on the concept of polygamy to be taught to all women to end such problems.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department in charge of Islamic Affairs, Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, fielded questions from the Opposition on delays in settling Syariah cases with Zuraida Kamaruddin (PKR – Ampang) saying it was “very painful” for a woman to have to go to court three separate times to settle a case.

“A woman has to go once for the divorce, once again for custody and again for property division. It is extremely painful for them.”

Fuziah Salleh (PKR – Kuantan) then asked if Syariah Court counsellors were qualified, pointing out that she had received numerous complaints about how the woman was always blamed for everything.

“They are not counselled but given ‘advice.’ And every time, they are told that the woman is to be blamed. If it is a family problem, they must be patient. If they are beaten up, they must also be patient,” she said.

As Ahmad Zahid was about to answer, Ibrahim stood up to say that such cases would not stop happening as the population was increasing and divorces were taking place daily.

“Such problems happen because women cannot accept polygamy. From a preventive point of view, what about doing a big campaign so that women can accept polygamy?” he asked.

Ibrahim said women did not understand that when they were pregnant for nine months, or had “problems” when they hit their 50s, their men still wanted to “have fun”.

“So the man wants to marry again, and the wife gets jealous and asks for a divorce.”

This caused Zuraida to stand up and say that a gender approach was very demeaning.

Ahmad Zahid agreed, saying: “That man is a male chauvinist.” To this, Ibrahim giggled.

When Ibrahim said that it was allowed from the Islamic point of view, Zuraida hit back and said men must be held to blame, too.

When the House finally calmed down, Ahmad Zahid said although prevention could also be looked into, what was important was to take care of the family.

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  1. CtC : I’m getting my barfbag readyAnon : *sigh* what to doAMW : yeah i SO don’t get the baju kurung issue!! that stupid girl who brought up the whole hoohaa about it should be slapped silly.Nad : Stressful that such a comment came from a so called “leader” isn’t it?Anon : whoa… panjang gila comment ngkau..heheheheh

  2. Quote:Ibrahim said women did not understand that when they were pregnant for nine months, or had “problems” when they hit their 50s, their men still wanted to “have fun”.“So the man wants to marry again, and the wife gets jealous and asks for a divorce.”Unquote:Now I am not defending Ibrahim Ali or against him…no.. this is just for the sake of discussion… just to point out a few taboos that most people would sweep under the rug. What he did was he bravely spoke of what is really happening around us. I know it sounds rather rude and one sided but the facts remains it is so. Of course not every man is like that, but what goes in the mind of most men, only men knows but most will not dare to declare their real thoughts. Marrying 4 because of religious factor is irrelevant now but the fact that the law says that they can becomes a problem. I have the rightful power so I will just take advantage of it. Now imagine what if Ibrahim Ali said – “let’s changed the law, because it is irrelevant” It will be the quote of the century – Ali dares the muslim world ! – probably the whole world of women will love him, but the men? you go figure out and all those who had more then one…suddenly will be on the wrong side..It is a fact that it’s a man’s world, not that I am taking sides, but it is true or else we will have a man’s lib and not a woman’s lib. I am just merely putting the facts on the table so that we can figure what they are quarreling about. heheIf those quotes are true.. that Ibrahim Ali said that, then I suppose it’s really too much, he is equating women suffering to men’s fun. If I were a women, I will be fed up too. But the fact remains, the problem will be there, and the only logical way is for the women to learn more about polygamy in a proper manner. Like the saying goes.. you have to know your enemy inorder that you can defeat them. So its about time, the muslim women learn more about polygamy and it’s relevance today so that they women know where they stand and how to overcome it..That is what Ibrahim Ali meant but in a crude way…Is there any muslim women in Malaysia who dares to challenge the religious relevance of this matter?Just my two cents,

  3. The problem is not religion, but the person who practised them wrongly due to lack of education or simply misundertands the principles thus forms misleading concepts towards the religion itself. Dear Ibrahim Ali, please educate yourself and your gender first regarding polygamy. Find out why Rasulullah married many..and please realise that it was not merely ‘to have fun’.Haish..these people..

  4. Polygamy is so gross. And I agree with Anonymous above. It’s about relevance, and I don’t think polygamy is relevant today. Let’s face it. It’s all about sex, and they just can’t seem to be getting enough of it. Because men are so bloody horny, it seemed even school uniforms can set them off *shakes head in disgust*. Ok, that wasn’t a fair thing to say, not all Malaysian men are like that, I agree. Why should we support polygamy when STDs are on the rise? Doesn’t that condone multiple sex partners and multiple partners equate to STDs? Do the math.

  5. sorry but i think its important to question the relevance of religious practises in todays world. most of them r pretty outdated.

  6. Sounds rediculous isn’t it?but to islamic cultures it’s quite normal. What the minister’s saying is “you can’t beat them join them”Click my ID if this posted makes you furious, I can calm you down.. heheand make you vomit at some men after reading mine..

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