My roomies

I was clearing out some folders in my computer when I stumbled upon this picture. Look at those two. This picture was taken on my engagement day, nearly a year ago. They were filming themselves, leaving me a personal message of well wishes and love. First time I watched the video I cried. Later on, I watched it again, and I cried AGAIN! I couldn’t help it. They’re the sweetest. *sigh* The only one missing is Babester who was in Australia at that time.

The three of us went through a whole lot together throughout uni-life (not to mention that we’ve known each other since primary school and were in same classes in high school). Filming ourselves in pyjamas while mocking a road accident involving a stuffed toy pig. Having screaming midnight movie marathons while one of us was in the next bed with high fever and trying to get some sleep. Driving out to the mall and stuffing ourselves with the most expensive sandwiches and ice-blended chocolate we could afford because we were feeling blue. Crying our eyes out all day and night due to heartaches and other sorrows. I could go on and on…

They’ve had my back throughout all my ups and downs and God knows I’d give a limb for them any day.

Work has made it quite tough for us to meet up as often as we’d like, but even though we barely see each other, they constantly call to check up and assure me that all will be fine (with the wedding, of course).

Dudes, I miss you both loads. Don’t work too hard ok? Thanks… for everything…

Lots of love..


  1. Dillot : toksah la depresi sangat k, nanti jadi dillot kedot, banyak wrinklesShah : hahah..yes yes, see u at the officeShila : banyak borang kena isi shilaaa… hahaaha…

  2. dillot, depresi kah? i tot u nak migrate for good di EY free desking area itu? hihihi. berdapurkan sanfrancoffee, dan pemandangan construction site yang indah, dan kabus berganti debu. hihihihi *ampun ya! =)raje: susah rupenye with this kawen2 documentation. ingat kacang pis! =P

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