Our Midnight Heroes

I went to Hartamas with a few girlfriends yesterday, just to hang out. The normal chit-chat session over a some iced Milo and char kuey teow. After about two hours of catching up, we decided to call it a night. It was almost quarter to twelve. I got a ride back with one of the ladies. As we walked back towards the car however, we noticed there was quite a massive jam right where the car was parked. My friend parked her car at a junction and though she was parked in a designated parking lot, opposite her was a super huge Naza Kia that was parked illegally. This stupid Kia was the one who was actually blocking traffic but my friend’s car was situated in such a place that it was in danger of being hit by each car that was trying to make that difficult corner.

So we quickly got into the car, and signalled to the cars stuck there that we were getting out, therefore they’d be able to make their turn easily. To our horror, when my friend turned the ignition…the car wouldn’t start!!! The car’s headlights was accidentally left on and within 2 hours, it had drained out the car’s battery!!! *groan*

So after trying a couple of times without any luck, we had no choice but to call for backup. While my friend called up for clues from her mechanic, I called up my all-time hero, the fiance. Within about 20 – 30 minutes, all the boys (fiance and friends) were there, along with the car jumper and they began the rescue mission. Cars in place, traffic controllers and instant mechanics, they had the car up and running in less than 15 minutes.

They’re amazing I tell you. Definitely a whole bunch that you can always count on to be there in times of need. To all you hunky champs who came out all the way to help us ladies in distress, thank you so very much. We would’ve been stuck out there all night without you! Thanks for being our Midnight Heroes!!

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