Henna on Hand-a (not Hannah Montana)

Among the many things that is part of the wedding is the “berinai” session. Actually, I don’t really fancy having a lot of henna prints on my dainty little hands that might drown the beauty of my sparkly wedding ring BUT like the Babester said, why not, it’s a once in a lifetime thing, plus it’s pretty.

Bridal henna are all fine and dandy I guess. Myself, I’ve had my own share of experience in putting on henna for my friends and cousins, mostly for the fun of it. One time, a cousin of mine gave such trust and let me do her bridal henna!!
Yes, she did!! So I tried my best at it. Gave her a bunch of patterns and designs to choose from, and she chose a simple floral one, nice! We only did the palms of her hands. The other side was very minimal so it didn’t clash with her ring or anything like that.

Here’s my twiggy looking hands doing their thing with the henna.

And here’s the finished outcome! 😀 What do you think?

Not bad I must say..heheheh..gila lah, masuk bakul angkat sendiri punye kes. Anyway, the bride liked it (at least that’s what she said.. I sure hope she liked it) so yayyyy!! Now it’s my turn to look for someone good who can do my bridal henna 😀 May I be able to find a person that can make my stick thin hands look pwetty with the inai! Good luck to me!

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