Rolling the Spanish Rrrrrs

Today, my ex-colleagues back at the Purple Company are going going to Rome, Italy. Yes, the whole lot of them. That would be about 100 over people. Why are they going to Rome? They’re going there on holiday, yes, company trip. I can imagine a bunch of you with your mouths wide open right now. You read it right, COMPANY TRIP. Although they still have to fork out a bit of money, the bulk of it is sponsored byt he company. Impressive isn’t it? Well, they deserve it, they pretty much slaved themselves throughout the year and the year end company trip is the only thing to look forward to. Sigh. Too bad I won’t be joining them, Italy sure sounds like a nice place to celebrate the new year.

You know another place that should be great to visit? Spain! Ok so maybe I don’t know that much about Spain but from what I’ve heard, it’s pretty amazing. Flamenco dancers, tapas, bullfighting (although I am not a fan of the cruelty), and all sorts of events and festivities!

Take Barcelona for instance. If you’re a fan of great architecture, I bet you’ll just fall in love with the unique and distinctive styles of Antoni Gaudi. Curved construction stones, twisted iron sculptures, and vibrant colours, his designs are truly breath-taking. All this I’m saying based on pictures I’ve seen! Imagine just being there to see it all right in front of you. Check out the picture of one of his greatest works, La Sagrada Familia. Looks like something out of a fairytale book doesn’t it?

Then there’s Madrid. I have one word for you. Football. In my case, it is more attractive to hear footballers.
Do I really have to explain further? Oh God, fine, it’s the capital of Spain, and they’re also a candidate city for the 2016 Olympics so if you don’t have the cash now, save up so you can go there in 2016! ehehehe.. Real Madrid.. *drool*

Well if you don’t share my enthusiasm for Spain then perhaps you might fancy the romantic city of Paris. The beautiful Eiffel Tower… *sigh* One day, I’m going to get my tiny butt to Paris and take lots of pictures with that towering mass of metal. Day, night, side view, front view, whatever angles, you name it. That’s what I’m going to do!! *pumping fist into the air with full determination*

So, till I can afford to, SAVE IT NOT SPEND IT!! hahahahahah!!


  1. aliaa : woman, i don’t want “tos hop” i want to SHOP!!! hahahahahah🙂 : omg, spain should pay you commission or something for helping to promote their country so well!! thanks for all the juicy info on spain!! *re-writing wishlist to give to the fiance* hahahahah

  2. okla i’m bored… so just want to add more comments…i know a lot of my friends think Paris is a romantic place. But this is maybe because they have never been to other part of europes. The buildings are so typical Reinassance (mind the spelling)i didn’t feel that excited…i went to Barcelona in Spain last time and God, if you are a shoppaholic like me you will scream to see shops like Zara n MNG every single blocks you go..with cheaper price, of course.. while enjoying beautiful architecture masterpiece of gothic gaudi buildings (so unusual) there is one building by Gaudi which doesn’t have any single straight lines. … and when you travel to the south like Madrid (urmm… not a really enjoyable place) i went there just to see david beckham playing football hehe…. And when you reach cordoba the sceneries change from modern to old times with orange trees along the road, and kereta kuda everywhere. And if you go to granada, there is a beautiful Alhambra castle with lots of Muslim Morrocans playing Raihan songs (yess they really love our Raihan nasyid team) Subhanaallah….

  3. You don’t even like TAPAS!! HAHAHHA WHAT YOU TALKING???Ok but seriously, if you want tos hop, babes do Hong Kong post christmas sales – you will not regret! hahahahCheers!

  4. 🙂 : serious?? bau hanching?? eww… gross.. and to think that they’re constantly swarmed with tourists they would keep their place a lot cleaner… spain will definitely be top in my wishlist!! thanks for sharing!!

  5. i wonder why people say Paris is a romantic place. I don’t feel like that at all. I went there 3 years ago, and all i remember was eiffel tower lights at 12 (we were celebrating our friend’s birthday on the grass near eiffel that time)and bau hancing semacam kat every metro stations. Choose spain!!! i went there 2 yrs ago, a greattt place to spend time and SHOPP!!! you’ll find different culture in every different part of spain from south to north. Definitely will not regret. but beware the pickpockets….

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