Blanket ME!

You know how sometimes it is so darned difficult to buy gifts for people? Especially if a)you’ve known them forever and have already bought them so many things or b)they’re one of those people who already have every thing they could ever need.

Guess what I’ve stumbled upon. Photo Blankets. Yes, that’s right. They’re basically personalized blankets which you can custom make to have any picture (or pictures) you want on that blanket!! Isn’t that so cool? You can even choose to have borders of various colours and sizes around the pictures. Check out this baby’s blanket!

Anyway, you can definitely stroke the vain streaks of your pals by giving them a huge blanket with their best pictures on it. Or better yet, a blanket with YOUR picture on it!! Haaaaahaahhahahaha!! But seriously though, this is one cool gift that has made it to my list of things I can get my pals.

That’s it, I’m off to look for a drop dead gorgeous looking picture of Brad Pitt to turn into my blanket!


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