Amylia Mohd Azlan. She? He?

I’ve been receiving quite a lot of emails regarding this little missy from Kuching, Sarawak; Amylia Mohd Azlan. She was a participant in the 3rd season of Akademi Fantasia, and though she’s not all that famous, she’s managed to be among the artists who recorded the EVO 05 album (don’t ask me what it is).

Anyway, the hype about Amylia, or better known as Amy, is that she is now a he. Well, that’s the news I’ve been receiving these days. Pictures of Amy are being emailed across the web like nobody’s business. Here are a few pictures of Amy and her..erm..his girlfriend.

There are more explicit pictures of Amy with some girls in bikinis (Amy not in bikini of course, tak macho lah kan) but I’d rather not post them up here.

However, I myself am not sure if it REALLY IS Amy in that picture. For all we know she could have a twin brother or a male look-a-like or something like that…right?

Oh well, what do you guys think? Is it really her turned into a him?

Here’s a clip of Amy during one of her AF performances. Take a real good look at the pics and video and let me know what you think.


  1. twigss so see my post on friday song dedication to you !! nice updates btw was so bored waiting for you 2 update local gossss

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