What do guys like?

Guys often scramble at the last minute to find gifts for their loved ones. Yes, we have come to terms with that. It’s not so difficult to please girls anyway. You just need to know the right type of jewellery or clothes or some branded item that will make them squeal in delight.

Ok, sorry, it IS difficult. LOL.

But it’s equally difficult for us girls to find the right gifts for him. I mean, what DO guys like? Honestly, more often than not we sit and think about the right gifts to buy for the men in our lives. In the end, we buy them a nice looking shirt or something like that. Seriously though, 5 years of buying the guy a shirt will end up pretty boring.

Then there are the hobby related gifts. Jerseys for the footie maniacs, perhaps a PlayStation if your pocket is fully loaded, and car gadgets and trinkets always work their charm. But you’ve got to know the right “brand” to get them. Imagine what would happen if you buy a Chelsea jersey for a Manchester United fan?? Oh, and try to get the latest season’s jersey too for you might get an exasperated sigh if you turn up with a jersey that was worn 3 seasons ago.

So you see, it’s just as difficult to get gifts for him as it is difficult to figure out gifts for her. Being in a relationship for almost 7 years, I swear birthday gifts are planned 3 months in advance. Otherwise I’d panic and just resolve to the “I don’t know what to get you will you please just tell me what you want” plan.

However, one thing’s for sure, I try my best to buy stuff that would be used/worn and not sit on the table and collect dust. Fragrances are always one of the best bets 🙂 He gets the perfume and go around smelling good, I get to determine how good he smells, hehehhehe… good point right? Perfumes are never a lost cause *grin*

Otherwise, if all brain-squeezing efforst fails in coming up with a nice gift idea, I guess you could always revert to gift vouchers, LOL. He gets to buy what he wants, you get to be content that he loves your gift!



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