Being in love

My best friend is head over heels in love. Ok, perhaps currently at a head-on-collision-crush stage, but none the less it’s been sending her over the moon and left her seeing rainbows for more than a week.

I must say it’s infectuous (her good spirit that is). I can’t help but feel excited and happy whenever I read her extra chirpy emails and try my best to help her pick out what to wear on her date.

You’ve been there haven’t you? It’s one of the best feelings in the world, to fall in love. When you know spot-on that THAT’S the person you want to be with. Your heart beats so fast and so loud it’s as if everyone around you can hear. Your face gets warm, especially at the tips of your ears when you fake a calm conversation with the person you have your eyes on. You get butterflies in your stomach that are fluttering so hard you feel like you could throw up if you’re not careful. All you can do is talk about that person to your bestfriends and tell them in detail over and over and over again till they practically tell you to shut up. But because you’re in that state of dillusion, you carry on anyway, and because they’re your bestfriends, they still listen and love you anyway.

For that wonderfully blissful period of time, you constantly have something to look forward to, and all the worries in the world seem to melt away.


Amour. One of God’s greatest gifts to mankind…

Whether or not my bestfriend’s fluttering feelings of love will develop into something more solid, only time will tell. But as of now, I’m sure she is enjoying every bit of attention she is getting. The first bits of falling in love is often the greatest, and it’s something that we should try to hold on to for as long as we can.


  1. I agree V! See the butterflies don’t last becoz after the crush, you actually find out about the other stuff..hahahahah.. when you first fall for them you don’t know any of their nonsense!

  2. Yeah its a nice feeling v true but after some nonsence im beggining to think that the fall is always harder and hv become so negative abt the whole crush, rship thing. Somehow I always find my self asking why the butterflies dont last. Good luck to best friend ! xo me

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