Here’s a scenario

Ok, let’s say you’re in a classroom, and there’s a simple math question that you have to solve. On the blackboard, with everyone watching, along with the teacher. It’s a simple math problem. A simple addition question. You KNOW the answer.


Everyone’s watching, and you know you just can’t fumble up. The pressure gets to you and even though in you head you know the answer is..saayyy…8, you wrote on the board a 9.

You panic, flee the classroom, hearing giggles following behind you.

After that, every now and then, you’re teased about your mistake, even though you’ve taken extra steps to be more careful. All your classmates, whether or not they’re your best buds, turn it a joke which they can’t help but constantly use. Ok, it’s funny. Haha. You laugh too.

But after some time, it begins to get to you, doesn’t it? How would it make you feel?

Let’s move on a little further. You have to move to a new school. You’re looking forward to a new start but feeling extremely nervous about it. Unfortunately, someone who was in your old class (where you made that stupid math mistake) has also moved to that new school. The joke about your math mistake has obviously travelled over.

Your new clean fresh start is tainted.

Now, apart from dealing with the pressure of making new friends, and getting over the awkwardness of being in a new environment, you also have to deal with everyone continuing the math joke. Carrying on the teasing. Making you the butt of all the classroom jokes.

That’s just plain mean, isn’t it?

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