Ada apa dengan Ashraf?

I don’t know why the Malaysian media likes to make a huge hoo-haa out of nothing. Most recently, they published a picture of one of our young local celebrities, Ashraf Sinclair, kissing his Indonesian girlfriend (with such a pretty name, Bunga Citra Lestari) on a beach in Bali.

Honestly, by the amount of hype and coverage the news received, you’d think they were caught having sex in public or something. Sure he’s supposed to be a role model to a lot of young Malays, and yes we know the girlfriend was dressed very sexily in her green bikini, but is that the best news that they can come up with?? I think the reporter who wrote that article is a very jealous person (or desperate), regardless of gender (because Sinclair is very hot and good looking and the girlfriend very sexy and pretty). The comments that the general public has been posting up on the net is not very nice either, I mean, who cares what they do behind closed doors? That’s their private life and their own responsibility. Either way, Sinclair was very mature about it and even made a public apology.

I’ve received forwarded photos of this little lady and her handsome boyfriend but I don’t think I need to post it up here as it’s all over the internet as it is.

I seriously cannot see why they’re making such a big deal out of it. If they’re considering what he did on a beautiful beach in Bali as obscene, they should check out the Jabatan Agama Islam punya skodeng collection, jauh lagi banyak yang obscene. Yes, they are the skodeng experts, it is like their full time job to sembunyi belakang bushes and video tape people having intimate moments. Professionals la konon. Big bunch of perverts if you ask me.


  1. ada, meh? oh, i forgot that i do not read Malay newpapers/maganizes :pwhile i agree with the fact that he should not be doing such things (i.e. getting all touchy-touchy with his GF in a bikini), i definitely disagree with the JAI SWAT (Sex.Whores.Anal.Tits) team spying on people.

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