And the microphone goes to…

Work is killing everyone right now. It’s that time of the year again.
P-O-S-T-B-U-Y time!
THE HORRORR..THE HORRORR… it’s just driving everyone bonkers. People are either cursing at the computer screen or talking to themselves.

My colleague on my left is mumbling over the fact that she can and never will be a computer geek. Somehow the softwares that we use just don’t gel much with her. I think she should open up her own dance studio. It’s her heart and soul.

Colleague on my right is grumbling over her mental block. She’s trying to “feel” her product. She needs to feel “sad and desperate”. Hahahhaha…I must say right now she’s sad and desperate for ideas. I bet she’s longing to go race her slot cars. Maybe someday she’ll open up her own slot car hobby shop like she’s been dreaming off..heheheh…

Everyone has dreams to do their own thing someday. To be your own boss. And to actually pocket the money you make and not have it go into other people’s pockets.

Last Monday was the MAGGI Mee Salutes the Fans internet contest prize giving ceremony. The moderate but fun ceremony was held at Nestle House and I was given the honour of being the emcee. I was so happy!

Ok, actually, the original emcee ditched them. She went on holiday. So I was basically the “bidan terjun”. At the last minute, they couldn’t find anyone to replace her so my boss confidently nominated me for the job. Flattering that she had such confidence in me *grin*.

I, obviously, said ok sure no problem. I love emceeing at events. I don’t know why, but I just find it a lot of fun. Being up there in front of people, being part of the show. It gives me a great sense of achievement and pride once the event is over. I’ve been emceeing ever since I was in school, and continued on throughout university.

After that, working life came..and that was the end of my happy emceeing days. Oh wait! Once I had the chance to emcee at an old friend’s wedding! yeaaahh…partnered by my then-boyfriend-now-fiance 🙂 That was certainly something.

Anyway, last Monday’s event was simply special to me. It brought back such fond memories. To make it even sweeter, my clients came to thank and congratulate me after the whole thing was over. Very unexpected. I didn’t think my small contribution would matter much to them. Thank you too! *grin*

Oohh!! and also, Lina Tan, who was one of the judges for the contest, actually told me that I did well as an emcee! WAAAAHHHH!!! PUT ME ON TOP OF THE WORLD I TELL YOU!

We were seated at the same table, eating lunch and chit chatting when she said “Eh, your emceeing quite ok aa, not bad at all. You’ve had experience before this?”
So flattering!!

I went a bit red in the face and went “Really?? Ok laa..can do..i used to emcee a lot when I was in uni”

I just felt so elated. It’s not every day that a New York Times Critic’s Pick movie producer compliments you on a job well done 😀

Heheheh… life’s little pleasures… so maybe I should brush up some more on my skills ey? Heheehhe…and maybe someday…maybe…be the professional emcee at my colleague’s dance performance..and more?

Lol…oh well…a girl can dream…

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