Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I turn 24! wheee! Birthdays are the best!

Right now I’m enjoying my White Chocolate Macademia cake that my colleagues bought to celebrate my birthday. They’re so sweet.

This morning, i came into the office to find that it has turned into MY photo gallery! Pictures of me in various poses are pasted on every wall in the office, window, shelf, and even the fridge at the pantry! hahahahha. They’ve dubbed me the “queen of posers”. I’m not allowed to take them down until end of today, LOL.

Yesterday night, fiance of mine gave me a wonderful surprise with cake and presents!
Yeaaahhh…presentsss…with an “s”…ahhahahaha. I seriously did not expect him to get me anything else as he already bought me a nice pair of earrings i picked out. On top of that, he gathered friends, they all sang me birthday song, got me all red in the face for a few minutes, and then we just had fun pigging out on mouth watering delicious Baskin Robbins’ ice-cream cake. You’re da best peeps!! And to organizer a.k.a fiance, you’re just top of the pops, BIG HUG!

On Sunday I went to have a birthday luncheon with my girlfriends. It was really nice as we sat, ate good food and just managed to catch up with each others’ lives. Also listen to in-law horror stories and other gossips *grin*. Thanks Sha for giving me an inside scoop, LOL.

Oh!!! And my sister bought me this really cool mini water dispenser!! It’s like a mini water cooler shaped like a penguin! I love it so much! Mom and dad gave me shopping vouchers and told me to go knock myself out, hahahahah, they know me best.

Wow, I’ve never celebrated my birthday 3 days in a row before. Thanks everyone, you’ve really made me a VERY HAPPY 24 YEAR OLD!!!


  1. Happy Happy Twigs! I hope this day and year all your dreams will come true! I’m very big on birthdays! I mean… VERY BIG! I insist on a party, and will also drag it out as long as I possibly can! Just love it!Enjoy the rest of your day, and I hope for you that the celebrations continue atleast for another day or two!

  2. Happy 24th! Glad to hear that you are having a good day babes! Nanti when i come back we all go out for big May Babies birthday cakes ok!!*HUGS*Aliaa

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