Eyes a-flutter

Have you ever tried on fake eyelashes?

Well, recently, for my engagement, my make-up artist told me to get a pair of fake eyelashes just for fun. Although I do believe the reason being is that I have very short lashes that no amount of long-extending-mascara would be able to help, LOL.

I got quite concerned as I have never in my entire life tried on fake eyelashes. So i was thinking, would it be heavy? would I be able to open my eyes? Would it look weird on me? What? whatttt?? But in the end, after a little more comforting and reassurance, I decided that I would go ahead with it. So out I went to the nearest Shu Uemura store to get myself a pair of fake eyelashes.

When I got there, was I ever surprised. There were so many to choose from!! Long, short, purple, green, diamond-studded, feather extended, you name it!!

I got SO excited!!! After going through several long fluttery choices, I decided that I wanted one that would make a nice enough impact, but nothing that would change my looks too dramatically.

This was what I ended up with

Really pretty aren’t they?

I must say the effect was just perfect 😀 I had lashes!!! hahahhahaha…
They were not heavy on my eyes as I initially thought they would be, especially since they had those black diamond studs on them. It was in my scope of vision for about 30 seconds, then I didn’t even notice they were there anymore. Loooove Shu Uemura lashes!!! Feel like going out to get a few more for fun, LOL, but I doubt I’ll find frequent occasions to wear them to.

I wonder if there are any other brands of cool eyelashes out there other than Shu Uemura.


  1. Lashes (false or real) is definitely to make up, what cream is with strawberries! I love false eyelashes! I don’t really wear them a lot, but I studied Make-Up, and I know you can go a long way with them to get a stunning result!Good idea, to get a bunch and play around with them!

  2. Rajeev : LOL, you either fell in love with her feathered lashes or her beauty!Babes : I miss you too!! Wish i went to Sydney with you

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