When I first started this blog of mine, I wanted to go on writing anonymously. But somehow, I couldn’t be bothered to keep up with the anonymity . It’s more fun posting up my pictures along with the stuff that I write, LOL.

Also because more and more of my friends are reading this blog of mine *waves to friends* AND also because my colleagues and agency partners somehow found out that I have a blog *waves to colleagues and agency partners* and ALSO, my dear sweet client has announced to a room full of people that I have a blog, HAHAHHAHAHAHAH, thanks sir, you’re a sweetheart for helping drive traffic to my page *grin*

*big wave to clients who are reading this blog*
Don’t go reading any further ok, I don’t want to gross you out with ramblings about my life, hahahah.


  1. Lady G : Thanks! I liked your posts too!Meras : well, I don’t mind if people know who I am, but I won’t be filling in the “About Me” info in detail 😀

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