The Search for Francesca Lia – Part 2

Continuing from my earlier post, I am still searching for my long lost penpal Francesca. I went through all the letters I received from her earlier today, such fond memories. We have so much in common, from the love of the same type of music, to similar love for movies etc. I laughed out loudly when i read back about how we both used to be extremely fanatic over Backstreet Boys. In one of her letters, she wrote how she camped outside the hotel they were staying in (during one of their tours) just so she could catch a glimpse or if lucky enough, snap some pictures.

Francesca (or she’s better known as Fra) is simply a sweetheart. She always seemed to be full of life and even through her letters I just knew if we would have met, we’d click instantly. We shared quite a lot throughout the years, about the dramas of school life, puppy love, best friends and all that. And we just loved talking about boys, LOL, but then again what teenage girl doesn’t, right?

Funny how two people from different continents could connect and become such good friends ey?

We’re both of the same age, so this year, she would be 24. I dug around a lil bit more in my pile of letters and found that her mom’s name is Assunta, and dad’s called Antonio.

Last time we wrote to each other was in 2002. It would be simply great to be able to email her, then we wouldn’t have to wait for weeks or months before we receive a reply from each other. You know how postage isIf I fail to find her on the world wide web, then I guess I’ll resort to snail-mail. Hopefully she still resides at the same address.

Below is the latest picture I have of her. It was taken in August 2000, I believe she was getting ready to go to a party when her friend decided to snap some shots.

Hopefully one of her friends would somehow stumble upon this blog of mine. Oh! If any of you happen to have friends staying in Milano, please do let them know about my search, who knows, one of time might know her friend’s friend’s friend or something, hahahah


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment when you visited my CHS History blog. I, too, have several penpals from long ago and wonder what they’re doing now. Perhaps I’ll follow your example and post something on one of my blogs. Posting lots of names on the history blog has helped me to locate many “missing” alumni.

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