Expecting Dot 2: Week 37

I haven’t been very consistent with my updates, have I? Skipping a few weeks of updates and the suddenly giving weekly updates. Oh well, at least I’m writing some, and Dot2 will still have a trail of idea of how Mommy was like when she was preggers with him (read: emotional, cranky, angry, tired and grumpy). The total opposite of how I was like when I was pregnant with Chempedak.


Dot2 is officially now FULL TERM!! Woohooo!! Which means that if you should decide to come out anytime now my little kicking bundle, it is fine. F.I.N.E. Encouraged in fact, because your mommy’s back bone is seriously threatening to snap.

So here’s what’s been happening, so far, Alhamdulillah all has been smooth sailing. Apart from constant Braxton hicks, a grumpy attitude and a strained back, I think I’m coping rather well with this pregnancy. Recently though, a new challenge has been added, which is the cramps. There have been a few occasions where suddenly without a warning, I’d be rudely awaken by this major heck of a cramp in my right calf. All I could do is wake up the husband who thankfully knew how to massage the right muscles to make the cramp go away.

In terms of vitamins and supplements, I’m still on my Obimin Pluz and goat’s milk calcium tablets. I’ve finished my six bottles of bird’s nest and decided that I can’t afford another six bottles, hahahahah. Mahal giler. I’m now drinking this Third Trimester Tea by Earth Mama Angel Baby on a daily basis. It was recommended to me by a relative and it’s supposed to help prep your body for labour. Don’t know if it will work for me, but hey, it’s only tea, so I figured it wouldn’t do any harm to just down it. It took quite a search finding supply for this tea. It used to be widely available at baby shops but almost all of them seemed to be out of stock when I called to enquire. Hence, I ordered it via Amazon. It arrived in less than two weeks, which was good timing if you ask me.

Yesterday, we went for our weekly checkup. Yes, checkups are now on a weekly basis πŸ™‚ The husband wasn’t very keen on going since we were just at the hospital on Monday, following a little false alarm. I think he got a bit too worked up that his adrenalin supply had depleted for this week’s check up. He even asked “Perlu ke check up ni?”, which from my point of view was an invitation to get snapped at by Mommy-saurus.

Of course, he went anyway.

We dropped off Chemps at school and went off for our appointment. Got my blood-pressure checked and went on the weighing scale and I’m happy to report that I am now 45.15kgs! WOOHOO!!! I hit the 45kg mark that I was aiming for!!

* ehem *

Anyway, when our turn came, we were greeted by my wonderfully calm and sweet doctor (whom at times the husband insists talks to herself because she’s very soft-spoken). She gave a chirpy little laugh when I greeted her with a “I’m still here and pregnant” statement.

We proceeded to the examination table and she took out her magic scanning wand thingy and as much awaited by me at every checkup, we got to see Dot2 πŸ™‚ well… at least… his butt. and balls. Good enough.

Doc said that baby has engaged himself in a good position for delivery, so hopefully with a few more turns closer to time, he’d be in perfect position. Β Then, as she was moving the scanning wand all over my planet of a belly, she pointed out that I was indeed having some tightening (or mild contractions) as I was lying there. I felt my stomach tighten but there definitely wasn’t any pain. She decided that it was enough of working hours for me, and told me that I should just rest at home from now on until I give birth.

Then she said let’s try to see if we could get a glimpse of baby’s face today. The husband and I were once again prepared for the usual “no paparazzi” pose from Dot2 but he decided to give us the best surprise ever πŸ™‚

Say hello to our Lil’ Mr. Pouty πŸ™‚

After months and months of never being able to see his face, today he decides to move his hand down a little, and give his Mommy and Daddy an idea of how he looks like. Masya Allah, my little monyok one, we simply CAN’T WAIT to have you in our arms *swoon*

False Alarm

On Sunday morning, I woke up hungry so the husband took me out to one of my favourite shops and I had a huge breakfast (a whole plate of white rice, sambal terung and gulai ketam at 10am). I was one happy Mommy. Unfortunately though, throughout the entire day after that, I kept getting the urge to go to the loo. It’s like I felt this strong need to take a major dump, but when I sit there on my little white throne, nothing happens. This went on all day, and on top of that, my stomach kept tightening consistently on an average of every 20 minutes. I brushed it off as Braxton hicks at first but after Googling a bit, quite a number of people associated my two symptoms as early labour signs. That obviously got me thinking.

However, I wasn’t in any pain, just very uncomfortable. The husband was of course over the edge already. He went into full gear prepping baby stuff. Fixed baby carrier into the car, set up the baby cot bedding with Chemps (who eagerly helped), nak buat air selusuh la, etc. Kesian dia panic.

I was already tired from the day’s ordeal so as he was busy running around doing this, I fell asleep. Surprisingly, it all went away that night but just to be safe, I called up my doctor’s nurse the next morning and filled her in with details.

She said it doesn’t sound like much to be concerned about but just in case, I should come and do a CTG scan to monitor baby’s heartbeat and my contractions. So after sending Chemps to school, the husband and I drove to the hospital for a monitoring session.

I was told to lie down on the bed and they strapped this two monitoring pads to my stomach, which enabled us to hear baby’s heartbeat and run a trace on the contractions. My cheeky little Dot2 decided that it was kind of fun to kick the monitoring pad, so now and then we’d hear a loud “BUMP! BUMP!” as opposed to just his little heart beating.

Entertaining ourselves in the labour room.

After a boring 30 minutes (the husband even managed to catch a snooze), the monitoring session was over. My contractions were there but very mild and far apart, so it’s nothing serious yet. Baby’s heartbeat was fine, so I told the nurse, ok saya balik office dulu la ye.

Of course, she had to check with the doctor, who told her to do an internal examination to see if I’m dilated yet or not. I was hoping that wasn’t necessary. I remembered my first internal when I was expecting Chemps, it was painful and uncomfortable. I expected it to be the same this time around, what more the person who will be doing it isn’t my doctor (she’s a midwife I think). But surprisingly, she was really gentle and I barely felt anything more than just her hand/finger movements. Thank God!

Β She reports that I was 1cm dilated and that’s it. Obviously 1cm means nothing so the husband and I went back to work, continuing our day like normal.

I have a feeling that Dot2 is going to take his own sweet time in making his grand entrance into our world…. heheh…

Expecting Dot 2: Week 36

Taking a snooze while waiting for our turn

Didn’t I tell you it was all about the waiting? Hehehheh…

Went for Dot2’s 36 week checkup yesterday. All is well, we still didn’t get a scan of his face. Dot2 is was very determined to hide from our view, he had his hand over his face as usual. Furthermore, the doc said that he’s now moved way down that it’s rather difficult to see his face.

Then she dropped the unexpected. She was looking at baby’s position and how my belly has dropped real low. She smiled and said to us “Baby could arrive anytime”.

I think my husband’s eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets. ANYTIME??

She nodded and said considering that baby’s positioned himself well and all seems to look good, so we should just be on our toes and look for signs of labour, in case it happens. Everything else was kind of a blur after that. I glazed over pretty much everything else, as she seemed quite sure that baby’s going to arrive real soon. She even gave a chirpy “See you soon!” as we left her office.

SO many thoughts were rushing through my head, and I believe the husband’s too because the both of us kept pretty quite after that, with slots of nervous giggles whenever we looked at each other. Oh well, I guess it’s now time to just go with it. May Allah make my 2nd journey into motherhood smooth and easy, Amin.