DIY Cardboard Dollhouse

Hellooooo and welcome back to Liyana Aznil’s blog!


It’s been quite a while since I last penned down any thoughts on the blogging world and so I’ve decided to make this one a fun read for all of you who have spared some time to drop by this little page of mine (thank you!).

For quite some time, I’ve wanted to get my daughter a dollhouse. No, no… she did not pester me for one. I voluntarily wanted to get her one. It’s a mom thing (or maybe I’m trying to relive my childhood dreams *grin*). I had my heart set on those large dollhouses that could fit her Barbie dolls and My Little Ponies and all those other pretend play dolls that she has so they could all have tea and live happily under one roof.

Unfortunately, those kind of dollhouses aren’t exactly cheap.

Especially if they’re made of wood.

Ohhhh boy the tags that come with those wooden dollhouses. It’s enough to buy me a brand new Kate Spade handbag.

See this one? I was head over heels in love with it. But the price was over RM1000. *pengsan*

COWAY dollhouse dream
Seribu lebih? Pengsan mak.

So, with much determination, I set out to make a dollhouse with my own two hands!

From cardboard boxes!

Alhamdulillah it turned out quite alright. My daughter was thrilled and that’s enough to make me the happiest mom ever.

COWAY dollhouse complete
Tadaa!! COWAY’s first ever dollhouse!!

With that, I felt that I’d share the steps on how to make your very own cardboard doll house!

All you need are:

1 large cardboard box (the size you want your dollhouse to be)

1 additional cardboard box (for extras such as roof and flooring)

A long ruler

Paper mache (optional)

A variety of coloured paper (I simply used leftovers of wrapping paper)



Hot glue gun & glue

Step 1

Cut out the front section of the cardboard box of the size you want your dollhouse to be.

COWAY dollhouse boxes
Stuff you need

Back at home, I had a COWAY box sitting idly in my working studio from my recent purchase of the COWAY Lombok II air purifier (so in love with my air purifier). I also found another large box from the husband’s tech monitor purchase. Perfect!

Note: To all COWAY customers, don’t get rid of your boxes so quickly, you never know when they might come in handy!

I cut out the front section of the monitor box and got myself a perfect frame for the dollhouse.

Step 2:

Decide how many floors you want your dollhouse to have. Two? Three? It’s your call!

After you have decided, measure the length and depth of your dollhouse, and cut out the size from your additional cardboard box to make the floors.

Measure the sides of the walls and mark it to ensure that your floors will be glued on straight. I was lazy and went on to just stick it on without doing much measuring so yeah..go figure.

COWAY dollhouse downlay
Quality control officer on duty

Now, using the hot glue gun (who will now be your best friend throughout this project) and stick the floors onto the walls according to your marks!

Step 3:

Cut a long section of the cardboard box balance or from your additional cardboard box and fold it in half. This will be your roof.

Alternatively, you can opt for a slightly lop sided roof like I did, just for fun, haha!

Now, grab your best friend (yes, little miss glue gun), and stick the roof to the top of your dollhouse’s body.

COWAY dollhouse base
Whaddya know!! It’s starting to look like a dollhouse already!

Step 4:

This is an optional step.

You can add on a layer or two of papier-mâché (paper mache) to give your dollhouse a stronger hold.

Just mix together 3 parts glue with 1 part water, dunk in strips of paper (I used white mahjong paper) and slap them onto your dollhouse.

COWAY dollhouse mache mix
Also try to convince the resident bunny that it is not food

Remember to squeeze off as much access of glue from your paper strips as you can. If the paper strips are too soggy, it might soak your cardboard frame, weaken its structure and cause it to curve in (yeapp…I learned that the hard way).

COWAY dollhouse base mache
And keep reminding bunny that it is a dollhouse, not a bunny house
Continue layering till you're satisfied
Just one or two layers is enough

Leave it to dry overnight.

Step 5:

You’re almost done! All you have to do is just take the coloured/wrapping paper and decorate the rooms and floors!

Putting up wallpaper, yay!
Putting up wallpaper, yay!

You can even paint the walls!

I decided to paint the ceilings white
I decided to paint the ceilings white

After you’re done with all of that, don’t forget to add in room partitions too! Use the balance of the additional cardboard box to cutout room partitions and doorways.

Step 6:

If you have an extra observant kid (like mine), you might have to put in stairs so that the non-flying ponies without wings can go up to the other floors. I made mine using ice cream sticks which I got from Mr. DIY.

Just snip and hot glue gun them together
Just snip and hot glue gun them together
Stairs all set!
Stairs all set!

Step 7:

Take a step back and admire your hard work!

Taadaaa!! Your dollhouse is complete!

Dollhouse made with love. Money can't buy this one :D
Dollhouse made with love

Now it’s time to surprise your kid(s) and let their imagination go wild with the furnishings and imaginative play.

Kids at play!
Kids at play!
They have a little kitchen too!
They have a little kitchen too!
View from top
View from top


Oh, if anyone is interested in the COWAY LOMBOK II air purifier, it is currently on a Zero Registration Fee promotion! Contact me at +6010.2013357 to order yours today!


H&M : Achievement Unlocked!


*crowd goes wild*

Before you congratulate me on winning any contests whatevernots, I didn’t 😀

Nor is this the sort of “spent-more-than-rm1000-on-a-single-receipt level of achievement either.

Today I went to H&M to look for pants and you know what? They have my size!! And I don’t mean in the children’s department!! *thrilledbeyondallreason*

Previously, whenever I went to H&M, my browsing and purchases would be limited to the kids section. Luckily their teen clothing selection is just as stylish. However, bringing a set of clothes sized 12-13 years to the fitting room kinda makes you feel… meh… on the inside. Once in a while, I’d wander over to the ladies section but even the smallest size would be a tad too big.

However, today!! glorious today!! I passed by the pants on the rack and thought… hmm.. let’s give it a go. And voila! IT FITS! You have no idea how happy I was!! Like..this rarely happens!! MAK SERONOK NYAH!! Hahahhaha!!

So I got myself pants (plural please, they were on discount :P) and went around the other aisles and EGADS! What’s this?! Dresses come in my size too!! #addtocart

So what does this mean? Have I grown (sideways)? Doubtful. Has H&M shrunk their sizing to suit the more petite Asians? Are their cuttings different from before? Oh heck, I honestly couldn’t be bothered! *happy*happy*happy*

#proceedtocheckout #poketrabaksikittapitakpe #esokcariduitlebihsikit #adasesiapanakbuatpartynganPartyFluff #COWAYpunada #sayajual

Hahhahahaha 😀

Nothing beats retail therapy!


This… is…

SPARTAAAAAA!!! *screams in all macho glory with spittle flying everywhere*

Ok, ok now let’s try that line again but this time…

THIS. IS. DOODLE!!!! *skips about and throws confetti all around*

Hahhahahah, ok not much of the spittle effect (thank God) but maaannnn it feels good to be back!

HelloooOOOooOoo!! Boy do I have a kabillion stories to share with all of you. Where do i start, wheeere do i start…

OK, from the top!

I’ve resigned from my full-time-oh-so-comfortable-been-there-for-almost-a-decade job.
Yes, I did it. I’ve been wanting to do it for quite a while. Unfortunately, back then, I didn’t have the guts to take the plunge. I kept mulling over the idea, throwing what-ifs and what-nots… and then, a friend resigned from her job. We share a similar passion, all things kids and parties. She took the brave step, and seeing that, I felt inspired (and in awe mostly). I mean, berani weiii!! So i thought to myself…why not, right? Rezeki itu, Allah yang tentukan.

I came home from work tired, weary and out of sorts one day, and asked my other half… can aa? should i? what do you think? can i?
He said YES!
Needless to say I submitted my resignation letter the next morning *grin*

And you know what? It’s one of the best decisions of my life, ever!

So now here I am. A full-time WAHM. It’s my dream come true!! It’s what I’ve always ALWAYS wanted.

Party Fluff is now not just a passionate hobby, it also pays the bills hahaaha! Hence you can imagine I’m working on party stuff with more heart and soul. Ooh, and I also have my very own working studio now! I’ll share more on my little studio in another post 🙂

Meanwhile, do check out Party Fluff’s official website (buat sendiri k, so please do let me know if you spot any errors). We have party packages available, a gallery of previous parties and more!

 Apart from Party Fluff, I’ve also ventured into a new career adventure (because life gets dull without new challenges, hahahaha)! I’m now proudly a COWAY Health Planner!! Yeaaappp, you read that right! Apart from doing parties, I do water and air purifiers 😀 😀 😀

I know i know, it’s like two completely different ends of job categories but you know what it has in common? I get to meet people 🙂 Yup. I get to meet old friends and make lots and lots of new friends! As cliché as it may sound, I actually really do enjoy meeting new people. Perhaps one day, I’d get a chance to meet you too 😀

Oh, in case you’re wondering what in the world is COWAY, you can check out my official COWAY site. Will write more on my COWAY adventures later on!

Chempedak and Pomelo are no longer babies *cries*

I just can’t get over the fact that Chemps will be going to Standard One next year. She has to go to big kid school. Where life starts to get unfair. Sigh. Camana dia nak gi beli food kat canteen? Can she even reach the counter? Nanti orang tolak-tolak, dia tak dapat beli food pastu dah habis time rehat! *mommy nanges berjurai*

Pomelo is now a cheeky little 2-year-old who just loooooves football and is fond of playing tricks on people. Yes, he does that. Among his favourite antiques is he’d pretend he hurt his foot, going OUCH OUCH OUCH and even walks with a limp towards you. The moment you come over expressing concern, he giggles and runs away like nothing happened. SABAR JE LAH.

The husband has just finished his final exam and is now in the process of doing up his thesis. *smiles proudly*
PhD is no joke. I get stressed just looking at him study! Rajin gila nak ambik exam lagi semua. I’m waayyy over all that hahahhaha! Even if you offer me a scholarship to sambung study pun I’d say thanks, but no thanks! 😀

Oh! And we now have a new addition to the little family. No, no, I didn’t get pregnant and give birth while i was away from the blogging world. (If only it was that quick and easy! hahaha!)

Everyone, meet Bunny Jr.! Chempedak’s pet rabbit!

Cute kaaaaannnn!! She’s so fluffy and adorable!! (biased statement di sini)
She doesn’t like to be carried around much but loves to come over for loving rubs and would snuggle up next to you if you’re sitting on the floor.

Why is she called Bunny Jr.? Well, Chemps named her pet and according to her “Sekarang dia small lagi, so nama dia Bunny Jr. Nanti bila dah big, jadi Bunny je lah.”

Chemps just loves her to bits! So does Pomelo but unfortunately he love to SHOW his love by grabbing Bunny for major hugs and squueeeeezes. Kesian si Bunny. Hence no pics of Pomelo with Bunny, because most of the time they’re together, we’re screaming “IHSAN NO!! KESIAN BUNNY!!”

What else what else… well I guess most of my updates revolve around work and my family. To detail everything out in one post would be close to impossible, hahaha! To be honest, I’m actually a lot busier now than I was before! I send and pick up the kids from school, attend to them after school, and try to grab the free hours doing Party Fluff and COWAY work. It’s not easy, and I have to schedule my days properly to ensure that I meet my customers’ orders in time, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. As hectic as my days are, I get more time with the kids, the husband, and I’m doing what I love most 🙂

It’s nice to see you again Doodlers 🙂 I’ve missed writing in this silly ol’ thing and hearing your wonderful comments.

Till the next post!

Much love,