My Belly Dancing New Year

Yeaaaappp… I’d say I’m about 2 weeks late to start blogging stuff in about the new year…but what da heck :DThe end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007 brings many new experiences (and surprises) to me.
Celebrated the final days of 2006 in the beautiful Istanbul. Joined the countdown celebration at Thaksim Square, while jumping up and down with friends in excitement, and also mainly trying to keep warm. The weather throughout our stay was freezing cold… but it was all well worth it. Visits to The Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, St Sophia etc made me realize the beauty and magnificence of Islam in ways any Ustaz or preacher ever could. The intricate details of the building designs awed all of us, regardless of race and religion.Topkapi Palace also brought newfound knowledge upon me. Throughout school, not a single Ustaz or Ustazah ever told me how magnificent and well-loved our Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) was. Perhaps they did, but they never managed to bring across that feeling of awe….

There I saw his collection of swords…his bow and arrow…the swords belonging to Caliphs and Sultans…and read about how they ruled with complete just.
Words cannot describe the beauty of the things I saw! I would highly recommend Istanbul to EVERYONE!!!! Too bad cameras were not allowed in the exhibition museums at Topkapi.

Apart from that, on a naughtier note, there are the belly dancing babes *grin* I had dinner at a place that had belly dancers perform was awesome!!!!! Those women…their stomachs don’t ust shake…they VIBRATE! SERIOUSLY!!!!

The coolest thing was, one of the belly dancers looked like Paris Hilton!!
Turkish version of Paris Hilton, hahahaha, check it out!

So head on over to Istanbul for beautiful architecture, yummy kebab, and belly dancing babes!

Happy new year everyone….may 2007 bring you great health, wealth and happiness 😀

Oh, btw, I’m getting engaged 🙂 but that’s another story..another time!

The Lipstick Personality

I found this personality test on today, The Star’s latest addition to their online site. Nice touch, a site dedicated specially for it!

Anyway, this personality test is based on : lipstick.

With only about 5 questions asked, based on lipstick preference and how you wear ’em..i was kinda skeptical..but hey ho whaddya know! They described my personality right on the dot!

Check it out!

Orange people love being outdoors. Nature invigorates, being indoors depresses. Make good friends and excel at careers that involve the outdoors. Well thought of by their peers.

Good lovers with a kinky side that enables them to give anything a try.

Talk a lot, project their voices loudly and aren’t afraid to express opinions on anything.

Learns from past mistakes and are very aware of their actions and surroundings. Very secure individuals. They know that what they wish for in life is theirs for the taking. Feel they deserve the best.

Happy, confident resourceful. Enthusiastic, happy, sociable, energetic, sporty, self-assured and constructive.

Easy-going, organised, loyal, sometimes shy, an avid shopper, respectful of others’ feelings.

A: Nothing motivates you more than the idea of a shopping spree. As much as you love outdoor activities, it pales to the adrenaline rush derived from a boutique-hopping. Whether it’s at a quirky but mod street stall to a plush, elegant boutique you’ll always be spotted with your platinum credit card in hand. Look magically radiant amidst the shopping with 514 Coral Magic of L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Star Secrets.

Take your personality test here:

A whole new world

Yesterday, I found out some wonderful news. One of my friends who married about a year ago, is expecting a baby 🙂 Isn’t that wonderful? I couldn’t help but feel extremely thrilled and excited for her.

For the past few months, I’ve been receiving wedding invitations almost every other week. It’s become like a routine for my colleagues to hear me exclaim “Oh my god, my friend’s getting married!!!”

This time my whoop was with a whole different sentence. One of excitement, astonishment and amazement “OH MY GOD MY FRIEND IS PREGNANT!!!!”
Got a whole bunch of laughs from people around the office.. as my boss said “wah..your friends have moved on to a whole different level now”.

Can’t help but share the excitement and joy of baby-news 😀

Here’s to Eza…may Allah bless you with a healthy and joyous journey through pregnancy and motherhood 🙂