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I prefer the ocean when it's gray. Not gray, exactly. Right before the sun rises there's a moment when the whole sky goes this pale nothing color-not really gray but sort of, or sort of white, and I've always really liked it because it reminds me of waiting for something good to happen.

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Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you. - Rumi
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My Belly Dancing New Year

Yeaaaappp… I’d say I’m about 2 weeks late to start blogging stuff in about the new year…but what da heck :DThe end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007 brings many new experiences (and surprises) to me. Celebrated the final days of 2006 in the beautiful Istanbul. Joined the countdown celebration at Thaksim Square, whileRead More

The Lipstick Personality

I found this personality test on today, The Star’s latest addition to their online site. Nice touch, a site dedicated specially for it! Anyway, this personality test is based on : lipstick. With only about 5 questions asked, based on lipstick preference and how you wear ’em..i was kinda skeptical..but hey ho whaddyaRead More

A whole new world

Yesterday, I found out some wonderful news. One of my friends who married about a year ago, is expecting a baby 🙂 Isn’t that wonderful? I couldn’t help but feel extremely thrilled and excited for her. For the past few months, I’ve been receiving wedding invitations almost every other week. It’s become like a routineRead More