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I prefer the ocean when it's gray. Not gray, exactly. Right before the sun rises there's a moment when the whole sky goes this pale nothing color-not really gray but sort of, or sort of white, and I've always really liked it because it reminds me of waiting for something good to happen.

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Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you. - Rumi
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Chempedak’s Play-Dough Weekends

A couple of weekends ago, my sister brought home boxes of plasticine. She had a cute work project to do which required her to make some plasticine models for the pediatric ward at a hospital she’s visiting later that week. She got busy trying to make some plasticine animals and as you can expect, myRead More

Expecting Dot 2: Week 31

31 weeks pregnant with Dot2 🙂 Good day (or good evening, depending on when you’re reading this) to all my Doodlers! Hello, hello! Wow, a month plus since I last managed to post something here. It’s been a whirlwind of events for me, starting from after Hari Raya, right up till yesterday. There’s so manyRead More

Expecting Dot 2: Week 27

Wiiuuuiiuuiuuu!! I’m 27 weeks already! 😀 I’m so thankful that I’ve managed to go through my first and second trimester easily. Alhamdulillah, no major issues apart from the morning sickness. I even managed to complete and entire month of fasting during Ramadan! An amazing achievement in my own records, hah! Puasa penuh, yay! Boleh raya,Read More