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H&M : Achievement Unlocked!


*crowd goes wild*

Before you congratulate me on winning any contests whatevernots, I didn’t 😀

Nor is this the sort of “spent-more-than-rm1000-on-a-single-receipt level of achievement either.

Today I went to H&M to look for pants and you know what? They have my size!! And I don’t mean in the children’s department!! *thrilledbeyondallreason*

Previously, whenever I went to H&M, my browsing and purchases would be limited to the kids section. Luckily their teen clothing selection is just as stylish. However, bringing a set of clothes sized 12-13 years to the fitting room kinda makes you feel… meh… on the inside. Once in a while, I’d wander over to the ladies section but even the smallest size would be a tad too big.

However, today!! glorious today!! I passed by the pants on the rack and thought… hmm.. let’s give it a go. And voila! IT FITS! You have no idea how happy I was!! Like..this rarely happens!! MAK SERONOK NYAH!! Hahahhaha!!

So I got myself pants (plural please, they were on discount :P) and went around the other aisles and EGADS! What’s this?! Dresses come in my size too!! #addtocart

So what does this mean? Have I grown (sideways)? Doubtful. Has H&M shrunk their sizing to suit the more petite Asians? Are their cuttings different from before? Oh heck, I honestly couldn’t be bothered! *happy*happy*happy*

#proceedtocheckout #poketrabaksikittapitakpe #esokcariduitlebihsikit #adasesiapanakbuatpartynganPartyFluff #COWAYpunada #sayajual

Hahhahahaha 😀

Nothing beats retail therapy!


My First Poplook Purchase

Ok I knoooooww they’ve been around for so long, and I knooooowwww punyalah ramai orang dah pernah beli barang from them, but this is the first time that I saw something I really really really liked. Therefore, it’s my very first purchase on Poplook 😀 Jakun much? Perhaps.

Anyway, I fell for this vibrant kimono cardigan the moment it loaded onto my screen.

I was like, HOMAIGOD I WAAAAAAAAAAANNNNTTTT. And so I bought. Biar laaa, mak keje keras nokkss, beli pakai own hard earned money tauuu, bukan kikis duit laki 😛

I tried it on the moment it arrived (crumples and all), and I have no regrets. Not. One. Bit. 😀

Please ignore the mess at the back.
It’s the kimono cardi we’re looking at here, heheheh

It’s Raya Shopping Time!

It’s that time of the year again, when we all go shop-happy and buy and buy and buy. Bad habit but amazingly satisfying, heheheh… When I was a kid, my parents would spoil me and my sister with so many new clothes for raya. I could wear a new outfit every day for two weeks or more. Yer, saya sangat dimanjakan, but I still grew up well (I like to believe). Hence, I look forward to raya shopping for my little girl!!

I did most of my raya shopping throughout the span of several months, because I had already anticipated that being preggers might limit my mobility a little, if not a lot. Thank God I did what I did. Fasting while being pregnant is no joke. It’s seriously tiring and draining, and even though you might look fine, only God knows how challenging it is. I swear pregnancy and childbirth is something men will NEVER understand.

Anyway, last two weekends, we went out searching for Chemps’ baju kebaya. I’ve been wanting to get her those adorable little kebayas but she’s always been too small for them. This year, we found ones that fit! Made me soooo happy!!

While Mommy is busy choosing her little kebayas,
Chemps entertains herself in front of the mirror

We tried on a yummy chocolate coloured one

As Mommy continues the search, Chemps found the tailor’s measuring tape
and pretended to measure the mannequins in the shop

We went to Omar Ali as well to see if there were anything nice for Chemps and the husband, but personally I feel that the shop is overpriced. Loads of nicer designs available elsewhere at a fraction of the cost.

Too big lah Mommy

I did drop by Tesco to check out the 20 by Rizalman collection that everyone was raving about. I must agree that he did a very good job indeed in packaging style and affordability. Much better than Jovian (for First Lady & Zalora) or Radzuan Radziwill (for Poplook) did.

I tried on this particular fuchsia coloured one and absolutely loved it! However, didn’t love it enough to bring it home.. hehehe… also, I was imagining myself attending a function and having another person wearing the same thing. Then it’ll be a walk-off of who wears it better! Ok maybe not lah, dramatizing it a bit much but naahhh, I’d rather not.

Trying out an outfit from the 20 by Rizalman collection

So we settled my daughter’s baju raya but didn’t get anything for ourselves… yet 😀

During one of the weekday lunch breaks last week, I was going bonkers with hunger. So to take my mind of it, I took a friend out shopping. She ended up with such an adorable little green kebaya for her daughter, a matching two piece set for herself, and sweet blue baju kurung for her also for daughter, to match their family’s raya theme colour.

Now, I’ve never had that. The whole hari raya colour theme thing. Not even when I was a kid with my sister and parents. Neither has the husband. So I figured it would be something fun to try out this year! I chose one of the colours of Chemps’ kebaya and told the husband about it, and he was all agreeable.

On Saturday, we set out looking for our own raya outfits and by the end of the day, we were all set! Yaaayyy!!

The two small paperbags at the back is my husband’s and my baju raya
The filled to the brim gym bag in front contains Chemps’ baju raya 

What did we go with as our family’s hari raya colour theme?? TungguuuUuUUuuuu… heeehehhehhe 😀