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Tadaa! I’m baaack!

Hello my darlings!

It’s been too long since I last updated on what’s been happening. Truth be told, I’ve been feeling a bit reserved lately. Lost the spark and will to pen down my thoughts and share my feelings. Today however, I’m feeling slightly better, and I do believe that things are slowly getting back to normal, well.. at least to a certain extent. Will elaborate more later.

I think I’ll have a little recap of the milestones of the past few months, even if only for my benefit 🙂

The last two weeks of March, the husband, Chemps and I, along with my husband’s entire family (parents, siblings, and kids) went to perform our umrah. I never imagined that I’d be have the chance to perform my Umrah this early and what more with my entire family together. It was indeed an eye-opening experience. It was an amazing trip and words can barely describe the overwhelming feeling I felt when I first saw the Kaabah, when I did my first tawaf, when I finished the last lap of my very first Saie, and when I completed my very first Umrah. I’ll hold the memories of my first Umrah close to heart for always and when I find the time, I will share my experience here.

April saw the husband and I celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary and this time, Chemps was there to celebrate along with us. We spent a cosy weekend at the JWW Mariott, KL and that night, strolled around Pavillion in the afternoon (where I got totally shocked at the scene of juvenile Goths hanging outside the mall) and watched as the lights were turned out around the city for Earth Hour.

Then… Allah gave us an anniversary gift too 🙂

On the 1st of April 2012, I found out I was expecting a baby.

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah.

All praises to Allah. The husband and I are absolutely over the moon. We were planning for another one but honestly didn’t expect it to happen this round. So it was still very much a surprise to the both of us.

As of today, I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and so begins the exciting journey of Expecting Dot 2 😀

In May, I celebrated my birthday and Mother’s day! The husband and Chemps gave me wonderful presents that I had earlier asked for (not hinted mind you, I demanded, hahahah) and we celebrated with my parents and sister at the revolving restaurant on KL Tower. It took quite an effort on my end not to barf as we sat through dinner. Morning sickness has not exactly been very kind to me (but that’s another story for another post).

And now it’s June 🙂 and I feel I have so so soooo much to tell all of you! I’m gonna take it slow though. One post at a time.

Till next time, my Doodlers!


Lots of hugs,

Twiggy the Mommy

Kayya Keyya weekend :D


Hello everyone!

How are my Doodlers doing? Hope everyone is on the up and up :)Thought of dropping a little update on what I’ve been up to since this blog has been rather quiet for about a month kan? 😀

Over the last two days, I opened up a booth for my Carry Me Beautiful shop at Kayya Keyya Bazaar held at Rasta TTDI. It was an awesome experience. So many people!! It was hot and humid but I had loads of fun. Especially since I managed to sell some of my bags!!

I don’t know why but I didn’t snap any pictures. I think the heat got to me, hhahahahha. Thankfully my darling husband took a picture of me on the first day.

I would like to thank my husband who helped me set up and clear up on both days, and even made the very first sale (and a few more)!! You’re the best, love!!

A big thank you to my sister who came to help out for two days in a row and end up being a customer as well! I love you!!

Also to my colleague, Yunus, and his friend Shafiq who also sat for about three hours at my booth on a super hot Sunday. They even managed to make a sale while I took a break!! heheheh!! Thank you guys!!! (Also to my colleague Zafeeq who brought his girlfriend and bought her a handbag!)

Hugs across to my best friend Dillot who stood at my booth during set up on the second day with her big preggy belly and made the first two sales!! 😀 😀 Ailebiuuuu!

Also a big thank you to my cousin Lana who came by with her husband and two tots, and became my customer 😀 😀 😀

Not to forget my wonderful girls, Salwa (with baby Affan), Dils, Sarr, Kroh (haven’t seen her in AEONS!) and who came to support my little booth and sat the afternoon out eating goreng pisang and whatever nots 😀 Big hugs!!

Another little thank you to my colleague Aimie, who put up my ad on her lovely blog 🙂 thanks dearie!

Last but most importantly, to aaaalll my customers, hehehe 😀 thanks for your wonderful support!!!

(omg, macam menang award ape je kan thank you list nih)

Anyhooowww… I would just like to share with you that our clearance sale is still going on. Everything has to go so items are pretty much up for grabs at cost price. Seriously! So please please please drop by our online shop at and adopt a bag at an amazingly affordable price today! If not for yourself, perhaps as a gift for your mom, sister, cousin, girlfriends etc! 😀

Lots of love,


A wedding and a funeral

Yesterday was a day of mixed emotions.

I was up early, minding my business, chatting with my mom and sister when I received a text message from one of my best friends.

“Dude, Zulkarnain Bujang passed away in a car accident.”

I read her text five times over. Then I frantically made phone calls to some friends hoping that somehow, it was a case of mistaken identity.

The worst was confirmed… but my brain just wouldn’t comprehend.

I knew Zul since primary school but we became really close when we were about 15. Thanks to ICQ (you guys remember ICQ?), we spent many many nights chatting away about everything under the sun. I got close to his friends too and he, Shafiq, Cheng Yau and I would have the most ridiculous conversations you could think of.

We even came up with so many silly nicknames for each other through our conversations. The silliest one he’d call me was Miss Roach. He loved my disgusted reaction to the nickname so much that it stuck. That was how he greeted me every time. I fondly called him Razzy.

As time went by, we went our separate ways, saying hello every once in a while on line but never really keeping in touch.

I last bumped into him at a shopping mall. That was the last.

As I sat in disbelief all morning, Shafiq texted me mid afternoon.

“Raje, have you heard?”

It finally sunk in. I fought hard to hold back my tears.

He’s gone now. May Allah forgive his sins, bless his soul and place him among them in jannah.

Zulkarnain Bujang
1983 – 2012
(picture taken in 1994) 

* * * * *

That very same afternoon, I attended the wedding of another childhood friend. We were classmates in Standard 1 and went to the same school all the way through up until Form 3. Azri looked so happy, beaming as he introduced his beautiful bride to us. Here’s to the new bride and groom. May Allah bless you with trains of beautiful children, Insya Allah.

Congratulations Azri and Aisyah 🙂