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A New Chapter

It’s been a while.

Almost a year actually, since I last wrote a blog post. My blog used to be my therapist. Life, joy, stress, expectations… almost everything that went on in my head and heart, was poured out through my fingertips to the pages of this digital diary. Except, instead of keeping secrets, it was there for all to see.

But, I was completely aware of that, and being the transparent (and absolutely predictable) person that I am, I didn’t quite mind. I got to share my thoughts, ideas, and even receive feedback and suggestions on various things. I got to learn. Best of all, I made many MANY friends through this little blog of mine (Hollaaa laydeees, you know who you are!).

Then things got busy, and I shied away from the blogging life. I simply couldn’t find the time. Between juggling the family, office shenanigans, my part-time party planning business, and just life itself, I barely found time for ME.

But within this past year that I have been absent (from this beautiful life-as-a-blogging-momma), a lot has changed. I left the corporate world, concentrated more on Party Fluff, ventured into a whole new adventure as a Coway Health Planner, but most importantly, found the time and balance to become the wife and mother that I’ve always wanted to be (or at least actually work towards it).

For those who have been my wonderful followers from days of yesteryear, thank you 🙂

For those who have just discovered that I am a closet blogger, welcome 🙂

Thus, here begins a new chapter of Doodles Of My Mind.


It’s been too long

looking in

I swear there were cobwebs on my screen when I opened up this page of mine yesterday. I can’t believe I had not blogged for almost a year! Cray cray!

Hello there Doodlers, how have you been? I’ve been great, Alhamdulillah. Extremely busy, but doing fine. Having two kids sure takes up a lot of time, more than I thought it would. Between juggling a full time job, squeezing some cuddle time with the hubs, managing a four year old and a baby, pumping and storing milk, while also trying to continue my part time interests, I barely have time for anything else. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I love every bit of my life right now. It’s just that sometimes; it does get slightly over-whelming.

Yesterday, somehow, I found time to spare and I remembered this little blog of mine. I decided to spruce it up with a fresh new look. Perhaps I’ve grown up over the past months, or perhaps the amount of dots all over the screen of my blog gave me a headache, but I decided to do away with them dots and go for a cleaner look and feel. Kept a bit of the dots at the top though, makes the page look friendly and cheerful; I still have that bubbly bit of me inside. I hope this look sits well with you J

I think that’s all for this post. I have to run off now, other things to attend to but trust that I will be back, sharing with you glimpses of what I have been up to. I really do miss you Doodlers. Till we meet again in the next post!