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My Credit Card Controversy

Let me share with you my credit card history. Oh wait, I can’t, I HAVE NONE.

Yes, that’s right. I don’t have a credit card. Well, just one, but it’s a supplementary of the husband’s so that doesn’t count. It’s not mine.

I know some of you are currently going “That’s good! Credit cards are evil!!”

Yes, yes, I am very well aware of the shopaholic-gone-out-of-control effect that it can have on some people but I need a card for two reasons only, emergencies and business.

Now, here’s the issue. Ever since I started working, I have been applying for credit cards. I have never been approved for one. NEVER. I have been working for SIX YEARS. Every year I apply for credit cards from at least three banks and my applications get rejected EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Today, I went to our National Bank to check on my credit status. I have begun to suspect that perhaps someone has stolen my identity, forged a loan or card under my name or something, which is causing all these rejections.

I got there, printed out my statement (within 5 minutes, amazing service at BNM!) and carefully looked through. Nothing. It stated exactly what should be there. No one has forged anything. My records are SQUEAKY CLEAN.

So whyyyyy, please oh please tell me WHYYYY can’t I get a freakin’ credit card when others get cards thrown at them!? My colleague even gets pre-approved cards SENT TO HIS HOUSE!

I’ve applied to EVERY SINGLE BANK in this country and got rejected by each and every one of them!! What is going ooooonnnnn!!

You know what. It’s a conspiracy. I think all the banks of Malaysia got together and decided to play a little game. It’s called “Don’t Give Raja A Credit Card Game”. HUuuwaaaaaa!!!!

Wait a minute. There’s one more bank I haven’t applied to. Al-Rajhi!! Ok, one last try and if I get rejected by them too, I give up.

*I just realized the excessive use of exclamation marks in this post, :P*

When you feel nothing

I used to genuinely care, from the heart.

But you lot, you just had to push it kan?

I’ve been hurt, sad, upset, angry and disappointed.

Now, I honestly couldn’t give a hoot. Why should I when I obviously don’t matter much.

Now, I feel nothing.

That’s when you can’t fix it anymore.

From now on, it’s just as duty calls.