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Yesterday evening, as I was doing a bit of work on my laptop, my husband arrives home. Seeing me occupied, he asks, “Kerja you tak boleh buat during working hours ke?”
After I mumbled about interruptions that I get during the day, he replied “Can’t you do work somewhere yang diorang tak kacau?”
Daku ketawa kecil. heh.heh.heh.heh.heh.heh.heh.
I’m gonna keep these questions for him when he starts his new job next week.
*sambung ketawa kecil sampai tertidur.

Chempedak, Pomelo and Dotdotdot

Intro Dot3

Helluuuuuu! Yes, thaaat’s right!

Alhamdulillah, all praises be to Allah, and God willing in some months time Chemps and Pomelo will be getting a sibling! Much awaited by Chemps who had been asking for a sibling for about two years now, ahahahah

Overjoyed, completely overjoyed and thankful. That’s how our little family feels. But of course, as with my previous pregnancies, this comes complete with its side effects.

It’s been such a ride on the hormonal section for me. Morning sickness came with the works. I had quite a lot planned, with my Coway activities picking up again, Party Fluff orders moving steadily and being able to comfortably juggle the kids as they settled into a good daily school and activities routine when suddenly BAM! Morning sickness hits me like a tonne of bricks.

Bluek. Like. Literally bluek.

For the past few months I had been down with major morning sickness. Migraines, nausea, vomit fest, fatigue, bloating, lack of appetite, and not forgetting that awful weird metallic icky taste in your mouth that wouldn’t go away no matter what you did, I had to endure them all on a daily basis. Oh, also, motion sickness! Da heck. Any fast or basically major movements would send me hurling out the window (or room, or bedside, whatever). When I drove the car, I’d be puking at every traffic stop. It was just terrible. All that while trying to still get my daily routine going. I could barely function properly.

The only window of time in a day when I felt a bit ok to rush around doing my stuff was between 7am to 1pm. Barely just enough time to settle the kids at school. After that I’m just a wreck. The rest of the day would be spent either on the bed with an icepack on my head, or in the toilet with my face over the toilet bowl. Not pretty.

I had to cancel all after-school activities for Chemps and Pomelo, and they’re left with no choice but to entertain themselves by watching their mom flat on the bed looking pale and miserable. Pomelo has even perfected his art of mimicking my vomit sessions, complete with gagging sounds and bending over motions. Thanks son.

Now that I’m almost coming into 20 weeks of pregnancy, a majority of the morning sickness (dan yang sewaktu dengannya) is gone, although I’m still gagging and puking on a daily basis. More manageable though, so I’m quite thankful that it is slowly but surely going away (if only there was a fast forward button).

Anyway, with things finally getting back to normal (if you can call it that), I’m finally able to pick up where I left off. Kicking off my Coway activities into full gear (so if you need Coway water purifiers just give me a buzz!), disgruntled Party Fluff customers would be comforted to know that their items will continue to be in progress (so sorry!), kids have their after school activities once again, and oh look! This blog finally has a new post! *crowd goes wild*

Mom’s up and at ’em!! Yeaaahhh!!

So that’s my story so far. Dramatic much but with a beautiful blessed reason behind it 🙂

May Allah continue to bless me with good health and strength to get through the rest of this incredible journey smoothly, amin!

Can’t Sit With Us

Chemps and I

As many of you may know, my little Chempedak has just entered Primary school this year. It was much of an adjustment for me as it was for her. No actually, I think the new school transition had a higher impact on me. Kindergarten was always a comfortable and fun learning environment, and while there were episodes where she came home in tears, I knew it wasn’t anything a comforting hug and a chat couldn’t cure.

But school… well…school’s different, and kids can be so mean.

Her first few weeks went by rather well. Then her first encounter with real life occurred.

Chemps has a best buddy in her class, and most of the time, they go about exploring the new routines of daily school life together. Then one day, her friend fell ill for several days and so Chemps found herself a bit lost.

On one of those days when her friend was absent, I picked up a rather glum looking Chempedak from school.

Me: Hi! How was school today?

Chemps: Ok.

Me: You don’t sound very happy.

Chemps: Damia didn’t come to school again today.

Me: Ohh.. I see.

Chemps: Just now during recess, I didn’t have anyone to sit with, so I wanted to sit with these other girls from my class. Then one of them yelled at me “Go AWAY!”
I said to her I just want to eat with all of you, then she said “You cannot sit here!”
I didn’t do anything to her, Mommy.

Right there, at that moment, my heart crushed.

We’ve all met them before, the mean girls. Perhaps we were once one of them. But never did I imagine a seven year old would already have that sort of attitude. Heck when I was seven, the entire class ate together under a tall tree by the field and after which we all played catch with much carefree joy. No one cared who could or couldn’t sit where and with whom. We just enjoyed the fun company.

I didn’t know how to explain to my daughter simply because I couldn’t understand it myself. Too young for them to be cliquish and yet it happened. Where did that little girl pick up on this? Older siblings? Cousins? YouTube? TV? Parents? Where?!

Me: Well, that wasn’t very nice of her. It’s ok, as long as you know you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about. I’m sure there are other nice kids you can sit with. Where did you sit after that?

Chemps: With some other girl. We shared our food! It was nice!

Me: That’s great. Don’t have to waste our energy on nasty people. We just be nice to everybody ok?

Sigh. I guess I can only protect her for so long….

May Allah protect my children from the evils of this world and the hereafter.