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Happy birthday my little prince

One year old today!Happy birthday Pomelo!!

Dearest Ihsan,

I can’t believe that you’re 12 months old today. Exactly 1 year ago, I held the most precious baby boy in my arms and now you’re this adorable cheeky hyper little 1-year-old that I just can’t get enough of.

If you happen to stumble upon this blog of mine one day, you may notice that there’s not as many posts about you as there were for your sister. Know that this is by no means to show that I care about you less. It is because I want to ensure that I have the same amount of time to shower the both of you with care and love that I decided to put aside my blogging time. I miss writing updates for this silly little thing, but it’s nothing compared to the joy I get when spending time with you, your sister and your Daddy.

The happy one year oldMy happy one year old 🙂

You can say a few words now, albeit very clearly too! Daddy, Kakak and dap (sedap) seem to be your most frequent sayings. Your Daddy and Kakak Icha are very pleased with this new development of yours, of course. Unfortunately, Mommy is still not installed in your vocabulary just yet, but all in good time, I’m sure.

Oh heyyy you’ve got a few sparkly white teeth out too! Two bottom front teeth are clearly out, and your top two front teeth and slowly making their way to the surface! Wheeee! This means more yummy food to experiment with and I can surely bet that you will enjoy all your meals even better with them teeth out, hehehhe…

Walking isn’t your thing just yet. You’re much happier crawling about to get to where you want to be. It’s either crawl, or drive. Hahahahha, and lucky you, your Tokpa and Wan are just willing to indulge in your interest to be behind the wheel. For your first birthday, they got you your very own sports car! Drive safely ok? *grin*

Audi rideTaking Kakak Icha for a ride in his brand new Audi

Sigh. I’m feeling so emotional as I write this. As I watch you laugh and play with your sister this morning, I felt so much love for the both of you, more than I ever knew I could love any living thing.

My little Pomelo, may you grow up to be a good, wise and well-respected man. Be humble and kind to others but remember that the utmost importance in everything you say and do is to please your Creator. WIth that as a basis, insya Allah, you will not go wrong.

Love, hugs and a million kisses,

Chempedak’s School Concert 2013

OHEMGEE it’s already mid-November?! What happened to 2013?? How could it have flown by so faaaaast *wailsinabsolutehorrorforGodknowswhatreason*

It seems like almost every post of mine starts with me gasping about time moving by at super speed, ahahhaha…

Last Friday was Chemps’ school concert day. It was a day that the entire family had been looking forward to. Chemps had been practicing her steps and lines day in and day out! In the mornings when we’re driving to school, in the evenings when we’re driving home from school, in between chewing her food at meal times, in the shower, every second she could, she’d be practicing one thing or another.

At one point, I felt that she was starting to pressure herself too much. Her eczema started to flare (which happens only when she’s stressed or eats eggs). I gave her constant reassurance and encouragement so that she’d chill a bit. Can’t believe she does this to herself, Chempedak the perfectionist. She’s only four! She must get this from my Dad.

Anyhoots, concert day came and Chemps was part of so many acts! Alhamdulillah, she played her part well in all of them. We were exceptionally impressed by her during her ballet  performance. She was absolutely mesmerizing, her movements were just so graceful! I swore if I didn’t have Pomelo tugging at my hands (legs, baju and hair) I would have been sobbing my eyes out. I felt so proud as I watched my little ballerina on stage. I’m sure the husband felt the same.

Family waitingThe excited trio waiting for Chemps to appear on stage

We only realized she was part of so many acts at the end of the concert! She was part of the opening act, nasyid, ballet, piano semi-solo, dikir barat and closing act! Lima kali tukar baju woooo! My mom was amazed how quickly her teachers managed to change her outfits. The teachers did an absolutely wonderful job in choreographing the children. It’s not easy handling kids below the age of five, but they managed to do that and more! Kudos to the lovely teachers of TASSEK!

PhotoGrid_1386578979919Performing her nasyid number

PhotoGrid_1386579070484Group opening number 😀 On the beach!

PhotoGrid_1386579218034My little ballerina in perfect pose *crieswithemotionalpride*

Chempedak actsUp front during dikir barat

Next year’s concert will be an emotional one for sure. It will be Chemps’ final concert at TASSEK and it’ll be Pomelo’s first.

Speaking of Pomelo, can you believe that he’s going to be a one year old in a few weeks time? Gosh. My baby’s going to be a toddler soon. *sniffles*

He hasn’t mastered his walking skills yet, which is absolutely fine by me. He can take his time, I’m exhausted as it is going after him as he speed-crawls and climbs everywhere.

Oh! He has a tooth already! Hahaha yes that’s right, ONE tooth! It’s just so cute every time he gives his cheeky grin with that solo tooth poking out from his lower gum. I can’t seem to get a proper picture of him with his little tooth, the kid can’t keep still!! All my attempts at taking his tooth pic turns out blurry! I almost gave up and then a miracle happened, I got this pic!

toothy grinCan you see his little tooth? 😀

Ok that’s all I can manage for now, much more to share but I’ve got errands to run and kids to entertain.. hahahah. Till then, ta!!


Chempedak, Pomelo and Jambu :D

Time flies by super-fast doesn’t it? Feels like it was only yesterday that I gave birth to my first child and now I have kidS! That’s plural!

Chempedak turned four a few weeks ago. She’s just an amazingly happy child, always cheerful and constantly with a smile on her face. Sometimes I think she walks around with rainbows and unicorns floating around her.

Chemps 4yrsCelebrating her fourth birthday at school 🙂

How is she adapting with a baby Pomelo in the family, you might wonder? Masha Allah, she has taken on the big sister role amazingly well. She LOVES her baby brother to bits and is just so proud of him even if he does nothing but sits there drooling.

“My baby,” she’d tell people in the lift who are looking or cooing at him.

sharing a story“Ihsan, this is a whale,” says Chemps as she reads to him a book.
Yes, he’s wearing pink. That’s how we roll 😛

She used to sing a tune from her favourite cartoon series My Little Pony but she tweaked it so that it goes “My baby brother, best friends forever”. Sweetest big sister ever!


Pomelo, will be 10 months next week and just as how his sister is doting on him, he loves her just as much. It used to be that Chemps was the only one who could make him burst out giggling with laughter (but he has since developed a better sense of humour, heheh). His sister would be doing the silliest of things (like pretending to eat his chubby hands) and that’s enough to make him laugh out loud.

He’s super active, crawling and climbing everywhere. Sometimes I run out of steam just trying to keep up with him. He can pull himself up to a stand and walk sideways if supported but can’t do it on his own yet. Most recently, the hubs taught him how to clap his hands and Pomelo is just so amused by his new set of skills. Two days ago, he suddenly woke up at 3am, sat on the bed, and started grinning and clapping his hands. If I wasn’t so sleepy I would’ve been spooked out of my wits.

Poms :)My little Pomelo *looove*

Oh! And yesterday he waved “bye-bye” for the first time! Hahahah… yeah.. I know… it’s a mom thing. Little thrills of life *grin*

Jambu (haahahaha he’s gonna kill me!) is extremely busy too nowadays. He’s juggling life as a husband, a daddy, an employee and a student all at one go. I think things can get pretty overwhelming for him too but amazingly, he manages to be there to help out whenever he can and comfort this little wifey of his whenever I feel out of sorts. Much love my darling!!

As for me, well, there’s just wayyy too much that I’ve been doing, it’s definitely gonna take up more than a quarter of this post to update you on my going-ons! Haha! So, till I scribble my thoughts again, toodles!

Family :)