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Can’t Sit With Us

Chemps and I

As many of you may know, my little Chempedak has just entered Primary school this year. It was much of an adjustment for me as it was for her. No actually, I think the new school transition had a higher impact on me. Kindergarten was always a comfortable and fun learning environment, and while there were episodes where she came home in tears, I knew it wasn’t anything a comforting hug and a chat couldn’t cure.

But school… well…school’s different, and kids can be so mean.

Her first few weeks went by rather well. Then her first encounter with real life occurred.

Chemps has a best buddy in her class, and most of the time, they go about exploring the new routines of daily school life together. Then one day, her friend fell ill for several days and so Chemps found herself a bit lost.

On one of those days when her friend was absent, I picked up a rather glum looking Chempedak from school.

Me: Hi! How was school today?

Chemps: Ok.

Me: You don’t sound very happy.

Chemps: Damia didn’t come to school again today.

Me: Ohh.. I see.

Chemps: Just now during recess, I didn’t have anyone to sit with, so I wanted to sit with these other girls from my class. Then one of them yelled at me “Go AWAY!”
I said to her I just want to eat with all of you, then she said “You cannot sit here!”
I didn’t do anything to her, Mommy.

Right there, at that moment, my heart crushed.

We’ve all met them before, the mean girls. Perhaps we were once one of them. But never did I imagine a seven year old would already have that sort of attitude. Heck when I was seven, the entire class ate together under a tall tree by the field and after which we all played catch with much carefree joy. No one cared who could or couldn’t sit where and with whom. We just enjoyed the fun company.

I didn’t know how to explain to my daughter simply because I couldn’t understand it myself. Too young for them to be cliquish and yet it happened. Where did that little girl pick up on this? Older siblings? Cousins? YouTube? TV? Parents? Where?!

Me: Well, that wasn’t very nice of her. It’s ok, as long as you know you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about. I’m sure there are other nice kids you can sit with. Where did you sit after that?

Chemps: With some other girl. We shared our food! It was nice!

Me: That’s great. Don’t have to waste our energy on nasty people. We just be nice to everybody ok?

Sigh. I guess I can only protect her for so long….

May Allah protect my children from the evils of this world and the hereafter.


Jungle Animals themed birthday!

My precious Chempedak turned four last year and when I asked her what theme would she like for her birthday party, she excitedly replied “ANIMALS!!”

Of course, at that moment, we were watching Madagascar 3. Why else would she want something other than animals. So just to be sure, weeks after, I asked her again. She still wants animals. The following month, I asked her again, this time, she elaborated.

“Mommy, kita nak lion, elephant, giraffe dengan yang white and ada stripes black tu, apa tu?”


“Ye! Birthday kita nak ada zebra!!”

Right. So an animal themed party it shall be!

I was really excited for her party this year. She’s already at the age where she could understand and follow instructions well so proper games would be a great addition to the party.

As always, the first thing I did in the party planning stage was to settle the venue and guest list. Truth be told, every year I wish to throw a huge birthday bash for Chemps. I just want to invite everyone in my phonebook and have this huge celebration. Unfortunately. I’ve gotta be realistic. My pocket isn’t exactly as deep as Kim Kardashian’s. Hence, after thinking it through, we decided to keep the guest list small and ensured that it consisted of those around Chemps’ age instead of the other way around.

I spent weeks prepping for her little party. I had to steal time whenever I could, it wasn’t easy DIYing a party when you have a baby taking up most of your free time but I was determined to make it happen, hahahah. So, for around two months, my office desk had animal themed prints and props strewn on them. My colleagues became my ever willing test subjects and my boss deserves an award for being the most understanding boss EVER.

Alhamdulillah, party day finally came and all went well. My husband became my super-sidekick and while I did all the major background prep, he was the excellent executioner. All the kids had a superb and memorable time and most importantly, Chemps was the happiest four year old on that very special day. Check out what went on during her animals themed birthday party!

The cake cutting session started off the party, with a very amusing animal themed cake complete with a pink elephant and a voluptuous monkey.


A whimsical jungle themed cake, the birthday girl was thrilled!

ย Then it was time for games!!!

First up was Animal Rescue! Earlier in the day, the husband and nephews hid plastic toy animals all around the garden.


Shhh… they’re hiding

We rallied up the kids and told them that they have to help rescue these missing animals!! It’s their mission!!


Are you ready??? YEAAAAHHHH!!!!!

Once they were all riled up to search for these missing wild animals, we gave each of them a pair of home-made binoculars to help them in their search and rescue mission.


I wonder how this works…


I see you!


“OH! I see a lion!!”, says one of my Rangers.
My nephews and niece had duties as Rangers that day, to ensure the younger kids played safe and did not accidentally touch thorny plants during their search.

And off they go!


Where oh where can the animals be?


Rescued animals are placed into the Rescue Centre Basket ๐Ÿ˜€

When all the animals were safe and sound in the Rescue Centre, we moved on to the next game: Pin the Tail on the Hippo!

For this game, I printed out a large picture of Gloria the Hippo (from the movie Madagascar) sans tail and made a few card board cut outs of her tail which i simply drew free hand using MS Paint.


Our sexy hippo with the missing tail ๐Ÿ˜€


Each kid took turns to be blind folded…


And took a wild guess where the tail should be!

The next game was Feed the Monkeys!

This is simply an altered form of the carnival bean bag toss game.

I printed out a few cute monkeys, pasted them onto two cardboard boxes stacked together and cut holes where their mouths are.


The hungry monkeys!

As for the bean bags, I made hand sewed some felt bananas and filled them with mung beans! They were just perfect! The kids had a splendid time “feeding” the monkeys!


Monkeying around ๐Ÿ˜€

Once they’ve had enough of the monkeys and bananas, we let the kids roam about to do whatever they felt like.

Some took pictures at the photo booth which I made using a photocopy machine’s cardboard box ๐Ÿ˜€ I got lucky as the office made a recent purchase so I grabbed the empty box and made full use of it! Of course there were animal face props-on-sticks to complete the feel!


Grab a prop!


Strike a pose!!

The sand pit was also a great winding down section. Perfect to calm the energy bunnies that were slowly running out of steam.


Sand play all the way!


A congregation of jungle plastic-ness

And there you have it ๐Ÿ™‚ My DIY Jungle Animals themed birthday party ๐Ÿ˜€ Hope you enjoyed this little post!



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Chempedak’s School Concert 2013

OHEMGEE it’s already mid-November?! What happened to 2013?? How could it have flown by so faaaaast *wailsinabsolutehorrorforGodknowswhatreason*

It seems like almost every post of mine starts with me gasping about time moving by at super speed, ahahhaha…

Last Friday was Chemps’ school concert day. It was a day that the entire family had been looking forward to. Chemps had been practicing her steps and lines day in and day out! In the mornings when we’re driving to school, in the evenings when we’re driving home from school, in between chewing her food at meal times, in the shower, every second she could, she’d be practicing one thing or another.

At one point, I felt that she was starting to pressure herself too much. Her eczema started to flare (which happens only when she’s stressed or eats eggs). I gave her constant reassurance and encouragement so that she’d chill a bit. Can’t believe she does this to herself, Chempedak the perfectionist. She’s only four! She must get this from my Dad.

Anyhoots, concert day came and Chemps was part of so many acts! Alhamdulillah, she played her part well in all of them. We were exceptionally impressed by her during her ballet ย performance. She was absolutely mesmerizing, her movements were just so graceful! I swore if I didn’t have Pomelo tugging at my hands (legs, baju and hair) I would have been sobbing my eyes out. I felt so proud as I watched my little ballerina on stage. I’m sure the husband felt the same.

Family waitingThe excited trio waiting for Chemps to appear on stage

We only realized she was part of so many acts at the end of the concert! She was part of the opening act, nasyid, ballet, piano semi-solo, dikir barat and closing act! Lima kali tukar baju woooo! My mom was amazed how quickly her teachers managed to change her outfits. The teachers did an absolutely wonderful job in choreographing the children. It’s not easy handling kids below the age of five, but they managed to do that and more! Kudos to the lovely teachers of TASSEK!

PhotoGrid_1386578979919Performing her nasyid number

PhotoGrid_1386579070484Group opening number ๐Ÿ˜€ On the beach!

PhotoGrid_1386579218034My little ballerina in perfect pose *crieswithemotionalpride*

Chempedak actsUp front during dikir barat

Next year’s concert will be an emotional one for sure. It will be Chemps’ final concert at TASSEK and it’ll be Pomelo’s first.

Speaking of Pomelo, can you believe that he’s going to be a one year old in a few weeks time? Gosh. My baby’s going to be a toddler soon. *sniffles*

He hasn’t mastered his walking skills yet, which is absolutely fine by me. He can take his time, I’m exhausted as it is going after him as he speed-crawls and climbs everywhere.

Oh! He has a tooth already! Hahaha yes that’s right, ONE tooth! It’s just so cute every time he gives his cheeky grin with that solo tooth poking out from his lower gum. I can’t seem to get a proper picture of him with his little tooth, the kid can’t keep still!! All my attempts at taking his tooth pic turns out blurry! I almost gave up and then a miracle happened, I got this pic!

toothy grinCan you see his little tooth? ๐Ÿ˜€

Ok that’s all I can manage for now, much more to share but I’ve got errands to run and kids to entertain.. hahahah. Till then, ta!!