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H&M : Achievement Unlocked!


*crowd goes wild*

Before you congratulate me on winning any contests whatevernots, I didn’t 😀

Nor is this the sort of “spent-more-than-rm1000-on-a-single-receipt level of achievement either.

Today I went to H&M to look for pants and you know what? They have my size!! And I don’t mean in the children’s department!! *thrilledbeyondallreason*

Previously, whenever I went to H&M, my browsing and purchases would be limited to the kids section. Luckily their teen clothing selection is just as stylish. However, bringing a set of clothes sized 12-13 years to the fitting room kinda makes you feel… meh… on the inside. Once in a while, I’d wander over to the ladies section but even the smallest size would be a tad too big.

However, today!! glorious today!! I passed by the pants on the rack and thought… hmm.. let’s give it a go. And voila! IT FITS! You have no idea how happy I was!! Like..this rarely happens!! MAK SERONOK NYAH!! Hahahhaha!!

So I got myself pants (plural please, they were on discount :P) and went around the other aisles and EGADS! What’s this?! Dresses come in my size too!! #addtocart

So what does this mean? Have I grown (sideways)? Doubtful. Has H&M shrunk their sizing to suit the more petite Asians? Are their cuttings different from before? Oh heck, I honestly couldn’t be bothered! *happy*happy*happy*

#proceedtocheckout #poketrabaksikittapitakpe #esokcariduitlebihsikit #adasesiapanakbuatpartynganPartyFluff #COWAYpunada #sayajual

Hahhahahaha 😀

Nothing beats retail therapy!


Bagging some women bags

Hellooooo my Doodlers!! OH MY GOD IT’S BEEN AEONS!! I missed you all so muuuuchh!!

I’m just drowning in work, I think sometimes I forget what it’s like out there in the fun fun world where people are actually living their lives.

Anyway, I need a breather. So, I’m gonna write about something that makes me happy. My chill pills. My BAGS! Bwahahahah… hey, don’t judge, I know you love your bags too. Heck, they’re pretty much our best friends, the way they go eeeeverywhere we go. Not to mention us wanting (borderline needing) them to match our various outfits.

To be honest, I don’t have that many bags. I’m not kidding! Look look.

my stashSee? These are all the bags I have… at least… I think so. * ignoring the bags left at mom’s place *

If you’re a guy reading this post and wondering why in seven heavens do women need to have handbags compared to men well it is simply because we have tons of items that are highly important to us. Things like our such as our huge-yet-extremely-crucial-to-be-this-size purses, make up, car keys, cell phones, sunglasses, phone charger, tissues, breath mints and and if you’re a mom add on diapers, change of clothes for emergency cases, water bottles and a whole lot more. We always keep ourselves prepared in any situation and stuffing all the items in a bag is what we do best.

To me, there are 3 types of women bags that are definitely seen as a staple in my fashion closet. The first bag is the shoulder bag. Sold out there in the market with many unique designs for you to choose from you’ll end up thinking you might as well just get them all! Hahahah! You can opt for a longer strap for a comfortable day out or choose an elegant handbag to portray your inner femininity. Besides that, the shoulder bag is the most versatile type of bag for women to style according to various settings such as at the workplace, dinner events, a casual day out or even while doing errands.

My favourite slings, can’t live without ’em!
Perfect for any casual day out

The second type of must-have bag for me is the tote. Designed to satisfy your stylish craves while satisfying your need to fill huge items (or a kabillion mini items) into your bags. I know some women prefer to fit their change of clothes (gym buffs mostly), notebooks, files and even laptop in their tote bag without having to worry having a bulging handbag. The tote bags are seen to be a woman’s substitute sleepover luggage bag where they can carry it all around town with confidence.

croc totes
Structured and strong, can be filled to the brim!

Last but not least, every woman needs clutch bags. Clutches are the perfect handbag for when you would want a simple yet trendy looking type of purse to carry along. Sometimes, there are days where you just want to carry your mobile phones and wallet on a day out in town.  When it’s time to get all sophisticated at dinner parties, the glitter designed and embellished clutch bags are the perfect choice. If glitters and shine are not your cup of tea, you could always opt for a plain coloured clutch to match with your outfit for a relaxed appearance.

PhotoGrid_1415246503235A little bit of this, a little bit of that 😉

So now if you suddenly have an itch to treat yourself to a new arm candy, those three types of bags up there are easily found in an amazing range of colours and designs on ZALORA. Do check them out, as they’ve got bags online from local and international brands too!

Shopping has never been easier. *grin*

Fuchsia Boutique’s Grand Opening

On Saturday, we were invited to attend the grand opening of a friend’s fashion boutique, Fuchsia Boutique.
Located in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam, the brand new boutique boasts a colourful collection of casual Malay dresses and traditional wear as well as accessories that’s sure to grab the attention of all you fashionistas out there 😉

We arrived about half an hour later than scheduled but thankfully the fashion parade hadn’t started yet. So I had enough time to browse around what was being offered. I should’ve taken more pictures, but I was too busy trying to keep Alisha off their beautiful white sofa with diamond studded blings. Mati mak kalau cap kasut si Chempedak tu lekat kat sofa baru orang, hooohhhhh!

Their interior was beautiful, with damask patterns on walls of fuchsia and just enough lighting to give the perfect ambience of a posh little boutique.

The catwalk show started soon enough so we took our places outside to see the lovely collection paraded by the leggy models. As there weren’t enough seats to go around, I ended up standing by the side, which was fine really because Chemps didn’t want to sit. She wanted to see all the action up close!

Cantek kan daddy?
My little one was obviously very impressed


And Fuchsia Boutique is officially open!

Then, when everything was over, the little Chempedak decided to step onto the red carpet and give modelling a try 😀

Chempedak the Next Top Model

I fell in love with a particular rainbow kaftan with silver sequins around the collar, soooo pretty. Once again, tak amik gambar, was busy telling Alisha that it’s not ok to play hide and seek between the clothing racks. Buatnye tercarik baju orang, hiisshhh… thank God my little one listens.

Anyway, if you’re thinking of getting something for your personal raya collection, don’t forget to check out Fuchsia Boutique 😉

With Shafad, the lovely lady who made Fuchsia Boutique happen 😉

Fuchsia Boutique
No 25, Jalan Plumbum 7/P7
Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam
(near Wisma Jakel & UiTM)

 p/s: If you’re taking along your husband or boyfriend, tell them not to worry about dying of boredom, they can entertain themselves at Samba Sports Studio located above Fuchsia Boutique. It belongs to Shafad’s husband 😉 cute ey?