Can’t Sit With Us

As many of you may know, my little Chempedak has just entered Primary school this year. It was much of an adjustment for me as it was for her. No actually, I think the new school transition had a higher impact on me. Kindergarten was always a comfortable and fun learning environment, and while thereRead More

A New Chapter

It’s been a while. Almost a year actually, since I last wrote a blog post. My blog used to be my therapist. Life, joy, stress, expectations… almost everything that went on in my head and heart, was poured out through my fingertips to the pages of this digital diary. Except, instead of keeping secrets, itRead More

DIY Cardboard Dollhouse

Hellooooo and welcome back to Liyana Aznil’s blog! Heheheh… It’s been quite a while since I last penned down any thoughts on the blogging world and so I’ve decided to make this one a fun read for all of you who have spared some time to drop by this little page of mine (thank you!). For quiteRead More

H&M : Achievement Unlocked!

CEEEELEBRATE GOOD TIMES!! COME ON!! *crowd goes wild* Before you congratulate me on winning any contests whatevernots, I didn’t 😀 Nor is this the sort of “spent-more-than-rm1000-on-a-single-receipt level of achievement either. Today I went to H&M to look for pants and you know what? They have my size!! And I don’t mean in the children’s department!!Read More

This… is…

SPARTAAAAAA!!! *screams in all macho glory with spittle flying everywhere* Ok, ok now let’s try that line again but this time… THIS. IS. DOODLE!!!! *skips about and throws confetti all around* Hahhahahah, ok not much of the spittle effect (thank God) but maaannnn it feels good to be back! HelloooOOOooOoo!! Boy do I have aRead More