How To Make Slime


We finally did it!! Success on the third attempt!

Forget the Borax (which is not cheap mind you), here’s a much simpler recipe as shared by our friends and it turned out great!

Check out the short video by Chempedak and Pomelo on how to make your own slime!

For those who can’t view the video, recipe is as below:

All you need are:

  1. Glue – any cheap kind of clear glue is fine
  2. Liquid detergent – just use any brand you have lying around at home
  3. A bowl
  4. A spoon



And here’s what you have to do:

  1. Pour glue into the empty bowl (use the whole bottle if you want to)
  2. Add in a little detergent and stir well
  3. Keep adding detergent and mix well until you get the consistency you like
  4. Drain any excess water that appears
  5. That’s it! You’re done!


Enjoy your home made slime!!

Note: After a few hours of fun play, we’ve kept ours in a zip lock bag. Not quite sure how long it can last though.

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