Coming up next: party updates!!

Ok I owe it to myself to put up alllll these updates on previous parties I had worked on, starting with my very own children’s parties!!

Especially Chemps’ parties. Oh heck, I worked my bumbum off for her past two birthdays, I don’t know why I never posted them up here. Ok, wait, I know why. I never found the time. I really should sit down and blog about all of this, more for my future reading than anything else, hahaha!

Oh, apart from that, Alhamdulillah Party Fluff has been getting a steady flow of requests ever since I made my services public. Thank you very much to all who have been very trusting and supportive of my new-found interest!

So this is just little announcement to let you know that the next five posts or so will all be updates on my previous and also recent party works. Hope you won’t mind the avalanche of Party Fluff! 😀

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