Happy birthday my little prince

One year old today!Happy birthday Pomelo!!

Dearest Ihsan,

I can’t believe that you’re 12 months old today. Exactly 1 year ago, I held the most precious baby boy in my arms and now you’re this adorable cheeky hyper little 1-year-old that I just can’t get enough of.

If you happen to stumble upon this blog of mine one day, you may notice that there’s not as many posts about you as there were for your sister. Know that this is by no means to show that I care about you less. It is because I want to ensure that I have the same amount of time to shower the both of you with care and love that I decided to put aside my blogging time. I miss writing updates for this silly little thing, but it’s nothing compared to the joy I get when spending time with you, your sister and your Daddy.

The happy one year oldMy happy one year old 🙂

You can say a few words now, albeit very clearly too! Daddy, Kakak and dap (sedap) seem to be your most frequent sayings. Your Daddy and Kakak Icha are very pleased with this new development of yours, of course. Unfortunately, Mommy is still not installed in your vocabulary just yet, but all in good time, I’m sure.

Oh heyyy you’ve got a few sparkly white teeth out too! Two bottom front teeth are clearly out, and your top two front teeth and slowly making their way to the surface! Wheeee! This means more yummy food to experiment with and I can surely bet that you will enjoy all your meals even better with them teeth out, hehehhe…

Walking isn’t your thing just yet. You’re much happier crawling about to get to where you want to be. It’s either crawl, or drive. Hahahahha, and lucky you, your Tokpa and Wan are just willing to indulge in your interest to be behind the wheel. For your first birthday, they got you your very own sports car! Drive safely ok? *grin*

Audi rideTaking Kakak Icha for a ride in his brand new Audi

Sigh. I’m feeling so emotional as I write this. As I watch you laugh and play with your sister this morning, I felt so much love for the both of you, more than I ever knew I could love any living thing.

My little Pomelo, may you grow up to be a good, wise and well-respected man. Be humble and kind to others but remember that the utmost importance in everything you say and do is to please your Creator. WIth that as a basis, insya Allah, you will not go wrong.

Love, hugs and a million kisses,

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