Barney Themed Birthday Party


Party Fluff’s very first official party works was for none other than the super adorable Chenta Auliya. Her mom, who happened to be a good friend of mine, was kind and ever trusting enough to enlist me in helping her throw her only daughter’s 2nd birthday bash!

In all honesty, I initially thought it would be a minimal birthday do, but as I met up and discussed further with the excited mommy, I realized that man, the birthday’s gonna be huge!! I was ready to pee in my pants but I wasn’t gonna let the birthday girl down!

The theme chosen for the birthday party was Barney (the purple dinosaur, not stinson) and as we threw ideas back and forth, the both of us got more and more excited (and me more and more nervous). Heck, I couldn’t even get much sleep leading up to the days of the party. A complete nervous wreck! hahahahah!! All hands were on deck as we prepped for Chenta’s Barney themed birthday party. Even her mom, dad, aunts, uncles, cousins and not to forget grandparents (!) lent a hand in hanging up banners, setting up the tables, moving the furniture, cooking, and all else that needed to be done.

PhotoGrid_1383798911160Stacking, cutting, snipping, rolling, boiling, cooking all for Chenta’s Barney party!

The party day finally arrived and all systems were go! Barney made a special appearance and we all had a fun sing-along and jiggity dance session. Never in my entire life did I imagine that I’d get the chance to host a party with BARNEY!! It was simply magical! We even had child-sized cutouts of Baby Bop and BJ! Yes, I was just as excited as the kids were, hiihihii 😀

PhotoGrid_1383728944793Hi kids! Are you ready to sing with Barney?

Chenta would you like to give Barney a hug?

Meet Baby Bop and BJ!

Stick ’em up Barney!
Note: The draping backdrop, birthday banner and balloon pillars were done by
the birthday girl’s mom and dad!

After belting our hearts out to some of the birthday girl’s favourite Barney show tunes, the kids headed over to their seats and munched on some Barney Bites and cupcakes.

Little tables and chairs for the little guests!

Each little guest had their own special seat 😀

PhotoGrid_1383729047033Chemps with her Barney Bites snack box

There was also a candy buffet which was done up by the family

Barney cookies were specially ordered from ShilaShower
Food labels by Party Fluff


Once done with their food, we cleared the tables and made way for finger painting fun! Young picassos unleashed their creativity and dabbed their fingers away to painting perfection 😀 One of our younger artists decided that the paint looked really delicious so he started to lick them off his finger, hahahahah, but not to worry. The paint is 100% home made and non-toxic. I actually whipped up the paint just an hour  before the party started!

Having some finger painting fun

At the end of the party, I am glad to say that the party hosts and guests had a super-dee-duper time! As the kids bid goodbye to the hosts, they left little well wishes for the birthday girl and were each given a party pack consisting a set of three toddler-safe homemade play-dough and a little bubble blower 🙂

The birthday guest book

Party favours!

What the guests took home

PhotoGrid_1383728842392The adorable birthday girl and her mommy!

Happy Birthday Chenta, hope you enjoyed your Barney party!!




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