The Day I Became Mommy, Again :)

On the 5th of December 2012, I woke up feeling nothing out of the ordinary. Since I had no plans for the day, I called up my best friend, Aliaa, and decided to accompany her with her engagement errands. I was 100% sure that I wouldn’t be able to attend her ceremony so I was determined to be there with her throughout the prepping processes as much as I could.

I got out of bed, got ready and by 11am, we were off to Midvalley Megamall!

We first went to get some materials for her, and then we went to do some shopping for me. Hahhahaha, okay fine, a lot of shopping for me. We shopped around Midvalley, then got hungry, so we had lunch first. She took me to Nyonya Colours, which was a first for me. Then I made her take me to Robinsons because according to my memory, I had never been there before. I felt like such a tourist!

We walked around Robinsons, did more shopping, and laughed SO much along the way at the most ridiculous things (panties, for example, HAHAHAH, don’t ask!!). Then around 2pm, I needed a toilet break. So we paid for my shopping stuff, and made way to the nearest washroom.

And that’s when the whirlwind of events started.

I saw that I had a bit of a bloody show and I remembered during my false alarm a couple of weeks ago, the midwife told me to come straight to the labour ward if I had any bleeding. My heart started beating a bit faster. Really? Could this be it? As calmly as possible, I walked out of my cubicle and went to the door of the cubicle where my best friend was in.

“Say… babes?”


“Try not to panic…. but I think you may need to send me to the hospital”


That sent my bestie in panic mode of course, and I would have panicked along with her except that I found the whole situation rather hysterical! I don’t know why!!

I mean, here we are, two giggly crazies, laughing so much throughout our shopping escapade, and now we have to make way across Gardens all the way to Megamall to where our car is parked, and I’m supposedly in labour!!

She asked if I was in pain, which I wasn’t, so I explained that I was perfectly fine, just that I have a bloody show.

I called up the husband, who surprisingly sounded as calm as I did. Too calm, in fact. Later he called back to say that he was in a meeting, hence couldn’t express his excitement as much as he wanted to, heheh.

Meanwhile, Aliaa and I made our way towards the car, all the while I was hoping that my water doesn’t break in the middle of the mall.

Sempat lagi tanya, “Do we have time for GongCha?” which sent the two of us into another burst of laughter.

Aliaa drove us to Pantai Hospital, looking very serious and in absolute concentration behind the wheel. I decided to lighten up the mood a bit and hummed a little tune but it didn’t sit well with her “Stop it! I’m concentrating!”

We got to Pantai Hospital around 3pm, she dropped me off at the lobby and went to park the car. I made my way to the labour room and when I got there, told the nurses that I was having a bit of bleeding, and previously was told to come straight to labour room if that happened.

Now, I don’t know why, perhaps because I didn’t seem to be in pain or anything, but the nurse who I spoke to asked me if I had seen my doctor yet. Obviously not, since I was told to come straight to the labour ward. She asked me when my next check up was, so I told her it’s to be the next day.

“Why don’t you go see Dr. Idora first?”

I was a bit baffled then, but not wanting to make a fuss, I just said ok, and made my way to Dr. Idora’s clinic, which was at the next block. In case you were wondering, they didn’t offer me a wheelchair or ask if I was in pain or whatever. I simply walked to my doctor’s clinic, which was quite ok since I wasn’t feeling any pain or contractions but you would think that they’d have some proper procedures to follow.

Upon reaching the reception at the doctor’s clinic, I told the nurse who was manning the counter my situation, that the labour room sent me here so although my appointment is tomorrow, could I please see the doctor since I’m having a bloody show. Her response was another win.

“Doctor got a lot of patients lah today”

“So… you tell me what to do”

“You wait, I call Dr. Idora’s nurse”

By this time, Aliaa was by my side and raising her eyebrows at the nurse already.

After a short phone call, the nurse told me that I was to go straight to labour ward, again.

So once again, I walked over to the labour room, waddling for all its worth.

“Why are they making you walk so much?? Are you sure it’s ok for you to walk this much??” my concerned bestie asks.

I gave a shrug and simply said that I think walking is good, I’m not in any pain yet anyway so it’s ok.

Once at the labour ward, I told the nurse what was conveyed to me, so they put me in a labour room and hooked me up to the CTG monitor again.

photo-1-1-e1379996677304-1024x764Getting hooked up onto the CTG monitor

So another round of waiting, Aliaa kept me company and even managed to figure out how to read the CTG graphs by herself. She kept updating me on my contractions and how frequent and close they were getting.

photo 3-1Aliaa and the CTG graph she’s proud of πŸ˜€

Surprisingly, I was still feeling ok, albeit having slight discomforts when a contraction came and the graph showed a spike.

photo 2-1See? Can still smile, heheheh

The husband arrived not long after, and the three of us chatted to pass time. Dr. Idora came at around 4pm, and said that I was 4cm dilated already. She expects that baby should arrive at night, and gave a big smile.

So I smiled back and said “Great, can I go to Starbucks after this?”

I mean, I was hardly in much pain, I figured walking around some more and having some good beverage would help take my mind off my nervousness. Dr. Idora gave her thumbs up, but only after another 15 minutes of CTG monitoring.

So after she left, we waited around some more. Around 5 pm, Aliaa had to leave and I changed my mind about having Starbucks. I was starting to feel a little uneasy, so the husband walked her down and bought me a hot chocolate to-go instead.

I changed into my hospital gown and was starting to feel contractions on and off. I started to whatsapp my two mommy-buddies to update them.

By 6pm, my contractions were back to back. The husband helped to ease the pain by massaging my lower back every time My mommy-buddies were sending me words of encouragement and pointers on how to deal with the contractions via whatsapp. I told the husband to ask the nurses if I could get my epidural, since I had planned for it if I couldn’t deal with the pain anymore. Unfortunately they sent him back saying that it was still too early for epidural. I was like, SERIOUSLY?? Good God.

FINE. I walked, swayed, groaned and breathed with every contraction.

6.30pm, I told the husband that I don’t think I can last till night time if the contractions were this bad. He went out to the nurses again and told them to check on me.

So a few nurses came in, told me to climb onto the hospital bed. Even climbingΒ the bed was excruciating at that point.

They took one look and the nurse dashed out calling “Call Dr. Idora now please!”

I was quite relieved to hear that. “Great, can I get my epidural now?” I asked.

“No time already!”


“No need epidural, no time already,” said the nyonya nurse.


“Yesss, nevermind, no need epiduraaaal. If take epidural then back pain, down there pain, better one pain only right?”

At that point I just felt like smacking the woman. Deemmm yuuuu!! I got cheated off my epidural! Hahahha..

At 6.40pm, the doctor arrived, took her position and said ok start pushing.

I was like, omg this is it. Wait, what do I do now? Push? How? Oh what the heck, I just held on tight to my husband’s hand and gave it all I’ve got.

After a push or two, I paused and asked the doctor “Do you have to break my water bag?”

“No, we don’t have to, we can just leave it,” smiled my doctor.

She’s got to be one of the calmest people on earth, I swear.

So, I got back to pushing.

“Do you have to cut me?”

“No, you’re stretching just fine” *smile*

After a while, I was almost giving up, I felt like I was going to pass out. So my doctor asked if I would like her to break my waters, then she can assist by vacuuming the baby out.

Hearing that gave me renewed strength. I wasn’t going to let them vacuum my baby out, no no no no no I kept saying in my head (or maybe I said it out loud, I don’t remember, haha!)

I took a deep breath and pushed and pushed and pushed with all my might.

Finally, at 7.06pm, the most beautiful baby boy I had ever seen was born. My son πŸ™‚ Special as can be, he was born with the watersac intact (en-caul: born inside the entire amniotic sac).

As my doctor finished up on me, I heard the nurses call out Ihsan’s weight, a whopping 3.09kg! Wow! That’s huge news to me as I was expecting him to be at most 2.8kg. No epidural too, wow, I felt like superwoman, hahahah!

Alhamdulillah, all praises be to Allah, on that beautiful and eventful Wednesday, I became a mother of two πŸ™‚

We are now, a mini family of four πŸ™‚

photo 4-1Ohana πŸ™‚ always and forever


  1. congratulations on your handsome newborn ! just got to know frm my previous checkup that i’ll be getting a boy too..
    wow ur labour story sure makes my heart pound thinking i’ll be going through it in just few months..super nervous! n was quite annoyed at the way they treated a near-labour patient that way..without a wheelchair or assistance, even if it’s just false alarm. anyhow, still glad the process went through smoothly after that for u. hopefully mine will be smooth as well, insyaAllah.

    1. alhamdulillah, thank you πŸ™‚
      congratulations on your future little hero too!! πŸ˜€
      i think being nervous is good, at least it helps you be a little bit more mentally prepared of things to come, heheheh…
      yeah, rather annoying about the nurses, i’m sure they have an SOP that they should’ve adhered to. oh well, i thank Allah that all went well!

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