Expecting Dot 2: Week 36

Taking a snooze while waiting for our turn

Didn’t I tell you it was all about the waiting? Hehehheh…

Went for Dot2’s 36 week checkup yesterday. All is well, we still didn’t get a scan of his face. Dot2 is was very determined to hide from our view, he had his hand over his face as usual. Furthermore, the doc said that he’s now moved way down that it’s rather difficult to see his face.

Then she dropped the unexpected. She was looking at baby’s position and how my belly has dropped real low. She smiled and said to us “Baby could arrive anytime”.

I think my husband’s eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets. ANYTIME??

She nodded and said considering that baby’s positioned himself well and all seems to look good, so we should just be on our toes and look for signs of labour, in case it happens. Everything else was kind of a blur after that. I glazed over pretty much everything else, as she seemed quite sure that baby’s going to arrive real soon. She even gave a chirpy “See you soon!” as we left her office.

SO many thoughts were rushing through my head, and I believe the husband’s too because the both of us kept pretty quite after that, with slots of nervous giggles whenever we looked at each other. Oh well, I guess it’s now time to just go with it. May Allah make my 2nd journey into motherhood smooth and easy, Amin.

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