Chempedak’s Play-Dough Weekends

A couple of weekends ago, my sister brought home boxes of plasticine. She had a cute work project to do which required her to make some plasticine models for the pediatric ward at a hospital she’s visiting later that week.

She got busy trying to make some plasticine animals and as you can expect, my little Chemps wanted to help. I couldn’t really do much apart from take pictures because I’m allergic to plasticine. 5 to 10 minutes after touching plasticine, my skin would turn super red and itchy. So I stayed away from the plasticine and just let Chemps happily help her aunt.

She had loads of fun! Her teachers let her play with play-dough at school so she felt very much at ease with plasticine.

Plasticine project on!

The following weekend, Alisha asked to play with play-dough again. She was referring to the plasticine that my sister had at home, but unfortunately, she had already used them up at work so there were none left.

Obviously that left us in a bit of a pickle. Chemps got upset that there wasn’t any play-dough and I very well wasn’t going to go out and buy her plasticine due to my allergy. PlayDoh is ok, but they’re kind of expensive. I can’t bear to watch if Alisha decides to combine several colours of PlayDoh until they turn into one huge purple lump. Oh good God.

So, I decided to make my own play-dough 😀 I remembered seeing my friends making some for their kids and figured it couldn’t be that hard to make. I Googled a bit for a simple recipe and found this:

I immediately set out to make a batch of home-made play-dough!

Within 10 minutes, Alisha had a huge portion of red play-dough which she absolutely loved!! The texture was much better than the store bought ones (at least, from my point of view). It’s less crumbly and just lovely to mash around with your hands. Best part is, I’m not allergic to it! Hahahahah, and if any accidentally gets eaten by your kid, you won’t have to worry much since it’s made out of edible stuff 😀






10 minutes of playing with red play-dough, Alisha requested for another colour. “Nak blue pulak Mommy!”

Thank God it was easy to make, so I didn’t complain. I just went to the kitchen and whipped her up another batch 😀

Do use a non-stick saucepan if you have one, it’s not as messy

We ended up playing with play-dough the entire morning all the way to lunchtime.

Tok Pa, Alisha and Tia having some good play-dough fun

Alisha and her Tok Pa made a play-dough monster!

Her attempt at copying my play-dough kitty










Check out her concentration as she makes a “vok ayy no” (volcano)

Do give it a try, trust me, you’ll love it so much that you’ll have batches of rainbow coloured play-dough at home!

Note: We’ve had the home-made play-dough for about a month now and it’s still good 🙂 I store them in zip-lock bags after Alisha’s done playing.

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