Expecting Dot 2: Week 27

Wiiuuuiiuuiuuu!! I’m 27 weeks already! 😀

I’m so thankful that I’ve managed to go through my first and second trimester easily. Alhamdulillah, no major issues apart from the morning sickness. I even managed to complete and entire month of fasting during Ramadan! An amazing achievement in my own records, hah!

Puasa penuh, yay! Boleh raya, yay!

We went for our checkup last week, and we’re happy to report that Dot2 is doing well. I was rather worried about the amount of weight I gained (if any) since I went through 30 days of fasting. Yes, Alhamdulillah, I managed to fast this time round. I didn’t manage to previously, but this time it all went smoothly! My doctor gave a little laugh when I asked her about my weight. She said I gained 700grams. Previous check-up, I was 40.05kgs and this time I have gone up to 40.75kgs. She says “all the weight has gone to baby, none on you”.  Alhamdulillah, that’s good news, at least baby is growing well, and that’s the major concern for me at this point. (Please ignore the fact that I have yet to hit 41kgs even at almost 7 months pregnant).

So though I haven’t really put on much weight, my belly has expanded rather much. Even my mother-in-law commented that my belly is larger at this stage as compared to when I was expecting Chemps. My stomach’s starting to get the itch too. Good God it gets so itchy at times that I just forget about the whole “don’t scratch or you’ll get marks” issue and just claw at my belly like crazy. Not good, I know, but can’t help it!! Oh and with that also comes the inevitable backache that has been keeping me awake at night.

Actually, it’s not just the backache, it’s baby too! I have one very hyper lil bub in here, who just looooves to start doing his kicks in the middle of the night. Sometimes I’d be awake batting my eyelids from 3.30am all the way to sunrise. Obviously I’d be zombified at work and straight after dinner, I’d be ready for bed already. Although most of the time I sleep later than I have to, since I attend to Chemps first. Get her washed up, make her milk, chat with her for a bit, gaduh suruh tido, make her milk again, then do I finally get my sleep. Pastu tengah malam bangun buat susu lagi.. hahahah.. adeh…

Honestly, I worry about my confinement period. I don’t think people attend to my daughter like I do. For example, I try to give a simple “yes?” when she starts calling “mommy..” at most after 2 or 3 calls. I don’t do this to spoil her, I do it because I want to set an example. It drives me crazy when I hear her calling for other people and it’s being ignored to the point where she’d be crying and screaming for attention. Is it that difficult to give a little nod to a three-year-old? And then when they grow up and start ignoring YOUR calls, you wonder how did they get so obnoxious. Sigh.

My lil angel

I’m strict with my Chemps, because as sweet and lovable as she is, there are times when she just pushes the buttons to see how far she can go, and I put her in her place. However, she’s one of those who you have to rationalize with, and explain to, and though she may not hear it the first time, she usually understands after a couple of tries.

What I worry is when I’m in my confinement period, others will not have as much patience with her (e.g. baru kena buat susu 2 kali dah complain brape kali nak minum susu) and she might feel neglected. *sigh* I just pray that all will go well.

Anyway, back to Dot2 🙂 Here’s the latest capture of my growing unborn. It took quite a while for us to get this capture as he refused to show his face. He was probably sleeping and covered his face with his hands. After a little coaxing from the doctor (and Daddy tried talking to him too), he finally moved his hand and gave us a side profile, hehehhe…

Dot2 at 26 weeks

So, all is well in Twiggy’s belly 😀 third trimester, here we come!


  1. waaa 40kg? how heavy were u pre? that’s just like i am, and i’m not pregnant! lol
    oh DD1 loves to press my buttons too. u shud see our pre-bedtime fights… sighhhhhhhh

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