Chempedak bakes cookies!

Over the last two weekends, I made chocolate chip cookies! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they are the only type of cookies I know how to bake. Don’t judge me.

Anyway, first round, I got Alisha to help. She assisted by dumping in the flour and other ingredients, but after that, she was more interested in washing my baking utensils. “Eee…ditty Mommy! I wash ok? Jap eeehhh… I wash for you”

Extremely helpful 😀 I had to do minor cleaning up after that.

Thankfully my cookies turned out great. I nearly passed out from the delicious smell and not being able to indulge but I made my sister test out a piece from almost every tray, lol! She wasn’t fasting that day. My mother-in-law gave the best compliment when she said “Eh, hang buat kat aku untuk raya?”

Good enough to serve her guests! Whee!!

So the following weekend, I set out to make another batch. Realizing that my Chempedak found chocolate chip cookie baking a total bore, I decided to let her make her own cookies instead as I kept busy with mine. Along with my sister, they made Nutella cookies!!

One cup of flour, one cup of Nutella and one egg was all I needed to keep them occupied hehehe 😀

 Dumping in the flour, Nutella and egg mix

Flattening the dough

Her first encounter with cookie cutters

They bake ’em cookies!

Decorating her cookies, a very delicate and important process to Chemps

Decorations done!

Pop ’em into the over for 8-10 minutes

Cookie complete!



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