My First Poplook Purchase

Ok I knoooooww they’ve been around for so long, and I knooooowwww punyalah ramai orang dah pernah beli barang from them, but this is the first time that I saw something I really really really liked. Therefore, it’s my very first purchase on Poplook 😀 Jakun much? Perhaps.

Anyway, I fell for this vibrant kimono cardigan the moment it loaded onto my screen.

I was like, HOMAIGOD I WAAAAAAAAAAANNNNTTTT. And so I bought. Biar laaa, mak keje keras nokkss, beli pakai own hard earned money tauuu, bukan kikis duit laki 😛

I tried it on the moment it arrived (crumples and all), and I have no regrets. Not. One. Bit. 😀

Please ignore the mess at the back.
It’s the kimono cardi we’re looking at here, heheheh


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