Expecting Dot2: Week 23

As of today, I am 23 weeks pregnant. 23?? TWENTY THREE?!!? Homaigod I’m almost 6 months along!! In three months (insya Allah) I will have TWO kids! TWO! * hyperventilate sekejap *

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to handle two kids. I hope I’ll be able to take on the mommy-of-two role smoothly.  Must remember to keep ensuring Chemps that she’s just as important to me as the new baby is.

Coming into 6 months of pregnancy has been great so far. I feel much MUCH better than the first trimester. I’m even more upbeat and cheerful as opposed to being Ms-Grumpikins throughout the first 4 months. Guess you can’t blame me, being nauseous 24/7 isn’t exactly a trip to the theme park, if you know what I mean.

I’m more energetic this time round too, and Alhamdulillah, I’m coping well with fasting. Yes, up till today, I have not missed a single day of fasting and I hope that I get the full 30 days this year. Insya Allah 🙂 although, I must say by Maghrib, I’m as flat as a drained battery. I sleep as early as 8.30 or 9.00 and let Chemps do whatever she wants as long as it’s in the room, on the bed, close to me. She decides her own bedtime most of these days, thankfully she’s been sleeping no later than 10.30pm.

Dot2 however seems to be enjoying Ramadan very much! Maybe it’s because my stomach is empty and he has all the space to himself. Every day, he’d be going boing boing boing in my belly. It’s as if someone told him that trampolining is now an official Olympic sport so he’s getting a head start at practice.

OOohhh… also, best part, as you have probably noticed from my previous post, I’ve got my shopping adrenalin back! Yeehaa! (husband must be cringing in horror at this noticeable change in me). It’s awesome that I have found my joy in shopping again, heeeehehehe! Online, retail, brand new, vintage, whatever just bring it on! Now if only I can find the energy to clear up the closets in my room…. Heheheh…

However, I still haven’t gotten the flair of shopping baby boy clothes. Every time I keep ending up at the girls’ section. Aih. It’s ok, I still have time to acquire this new skill.

Oh, silly me, I almost forgot 🙂

We went for my monthly check up about two weeks ago, and Alhamdulillah all is fine. Baby is growing well, very active and we even got to see him in 3D! We confirmed the baby’s gender once again, and this time we could see Dot2’s little *toot* very clearly. No doubt about it at all 😀

Dot2 at 21 weeks

So, as mentioned, all is well in the pregger-land of little Ms Twiggy. The only slight challenge I face this month (apart from being drained by buka puasa time) is the newly developed back ache and shoulder ache. I guess Dot2’s weight is starting to be noticed by my tiny frame. Oh well, no one ever said that pregnancy’s easy so as long as my baby is fine and healthy, no complaints from me 🙂


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