Happy birthday to the love of my life

Yesterday was my other half’s birthday 🙂 I initially had a full day planned for his birthday which included Ice Age 4, Spiderman in 3D, Las Carretas and ice cream. In the excitement of my husband turning a year wiser, I totally forgot that there were other events already planned for the day. Aih.

Also, I wanted to surprise him with a birthday cake, but I sent my car for service and had no ride during lunchtime, so I didn’t manage to get cake. So none of which I wanted to do with my husband came to be. I was very disappointed. Birthdays mean a lot to me, and I always try my best to make my family’s birthdays as special as I can.

So since lunch, dinner and movies were scrapped off the list, I took him to a lovely breakfast instead. Once my sleepy heads woke up from their slumbers, we got ready and headed to Mukha Café. The ambience was great, food was pleasant and we had some great quality time together.

Breakfast with birthday Daddy

Belting out a tune at a relative’s wedding
He has on his brand new Ray-Ban glasses, complete with transition lenses
Birthday present, heheheh

Of course his number 1 fan had front row view 🙂

“I’m too old for this!” he insists 😀
Birthday surprise with his family at TGIF

Happy birthday love, I hope you had a great birthday even though it didn’t go exactly as planned.

Love you lots,

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