Expecting Dot 2: Week 19

Chempedak, Mommy & Dot2, Daddy

Wow, what a gap between the last post about my pregnancy and this one! I can’t help it you guys, I was just in no mood to blog about my pregnancy this time around. Oh well, better late than never 😀

So I just entered 19 weeks of pregnancy, which means next week, I’ll be 5 months pregnant 🙂 How time flies, I can’t believe I’m this far along already! Anyway, I’m blogging this more as a means for my future reference more than anything else, so do excuse me if you find it boring 😀

Updates on me

Morning sickness:

1st trimester was a complete drag. I thought I managed to escape the dreaded morning sickness, as I was all fine and dandy up to week 9 (with Alisha, my morning sickness started as early as week 6). Boy, was I ever wrong. As soon as I started week 9, I was pretty much puking throughout the day. My rounds to the toilet would start right after 10, and continue all the way until night. I’d get some rest when I sleep but come morning, the cycle starts again. I thought it would never end. Every day I came home exhausted, and feeling like utter crap. When I was pregnant with Alisha, I had the worst migraines and nausea one could imagine, but I wasn’t really vomiting. So it was a completely different type of morning sickness with Dot2.Alhamdulillah, my morning sickness has subsided greatly for the past two weeks. I’d have the occasional dry heave about once a week, but it’s nothing as compared to the 10 times a day during the peak of my 1st trimester morning sickness.


My appetite seems to be ok, I’m eating like normal, not exactly stuffing myself to the brim but have managed to put on a bit of weight, so yay! When I was carrying Alisha, I couldn’t eat rice throughout my first trimester. All I could stand was pasta. I’d have spaghetti and macaroni, day in day out. I also couldn’t stand the smell of fish being fried, let alone eat it. With Dot 2, it seems that I’m ok with everything EXCEPT things with too much artificial flavouring or colouring. Weird right? I can’t take any sort of candy and even drinking tea with too much sugar makes me sick. Tea with honey would suit me best. I also can’t eat tropical fruits! Mangoes, guavas, papayas, bananas, you name it, they all make me nauseous. Don’t even mention durian. Even the smell of it sends me dashing to the toilet bowl.


In terms of allergy, when I was preggers with Alisha, every time I ate chicken, I’d break into a rash. When Alisha was born, my allergy disappeared completely and I discovered that she was the one who was allergic to chicken. This time round, I’d get the same type of rash at the same area whenever I eat prawns. So I’m guessing that Dot 2 is not a prawn person, lol! Oh, and I simply cannot stand certain types of air fresheners. A colleague of mine brought one that triggered major migraine and I pretty much begged him to throw it away. He honestly thought I was exaggerating (sabar je lah) but he chucked it away to shut me up (yes I was making a very loud fuss).


As for prenatal vitamins, I used to be given a supply of folic acid, Iberet folic (iron supplement), Prosium (calcium supplement) and Provas (fish oil) when I was with Alisha. This time, I bought myself Obimin Plus from the pharmacy, and my gyne told me that’s all I need. So yay! No need to swallow so many pills!! Hahahaha!! Oh, I still find milk yucky, so instead, I take chocolate flavoured Goat’s Milk chewable tablets. They’re really yummy, taste like chocolate chip cookies, and they’re a good source of calcium 😀

Ini sedap 😀

 Fashion sense:

Pants and tops were getting a bit too obscenely tight for my bulging tummy, so the husband brought out my maternity clothes that I had boxed up nicely after delivering Alisha. I opened up the box and stared aghast at the sight before me. I. WORE. THOSE??? TO WORK?!?! homaigod, I nearly fainted. Multicolours, multistripes, full patterned, loud, major floral print, good God, what was I thinking?? I’m a little more conservative with what I wear this time round. Less flashy and not as rainbow coloured as opposed to when I was carrying Alisha. I swear her personality took over mine completely when she was in my belly, LOL. She’s as colourful as the clothes I wore. I think this current baby is going to be more sensible (if not grumpy and stern, lol).


Updates on Dot 2

Baby kicks

I started feeling little flutters of baby kicks in my belly as early as 13 weeks this time! Was I ever so surprised! And I was in the middle of a brainstorming session too! Couldn’t hide my silly grin as I rested my palm on my stomach J When I was with Alisha, I felt the little flutters around 16 weeks, so I was extremely caught off guard when I felt the little taps from within.

Baby growth

Here are the latest scans of Dot 2 🙂 Growing well, Alhamdulillah

Dot2 at 13 weeks
(making spooky faces at Mommy)

Dot2 at 17 weeks
(curled up in a comfy sleeping position and using the placenta as his pillow!)


According to our doctor…. Dot 2 is a…. BOY!!!! Yaaaayyy!!! We’re all so thrilled! We even asked her to triple check (which our lovely doctor obliged) and she ensured us that yes, we will be expecting a little baby boy. Alhamdulillah!


That’s all the updates on my pregnancy so far 🙂 It seems to be rather smooth sailing (apart from the terrible morning sickness episodes) so I’m praying that it’ll continue to be an easy pregnancy all the way through birth, amin!


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