Chempedak’s Splash-tastic Weekend

Last weekend was a weekend of absolute indulgence for my Chemps. She’s been asking to go swimming for several weeks already but we seemed to always have some plans made already hence were not able to fulfill her request. Last Saturday however, we made it a point to take her swimming 🙂

So after breakfast, we packed our swim gear and headed off to The Club at Bukit Utama. Chemps was already beyond herself when we got there. She was a bouncing little bunny ready to dive into the pool with her clothes on. We diverted to the swim-shop for a couple of minutes to buy her a pair of arm floaties as we figured she’s now old enough for those. Lagi la excited makcik kenit tuh.

As I paid for the floaties, the husband went to pay for our visit and get a couple of towels. He came back looking absolutely distressed. “Guess what, they’ve revised their policy, on weekends the pool is only open to members”.

OMG. I looked at my Chempedak who was grinning at the pool clutching her brand new floaties. There is NO WAY am I going to crush her excitement. The husband was so flustered, he was in high spirits too as he’s been looking forward to spending quality time with his little girl. He’s been so busy and stressed at work that I think he needed the break as much as Chemps did.

In my head, I frantically scanned through the list of people I knew who had access to swimming pools and then I remembered my aunt who lived in a condo barely 5 minutes away from our house. So I gave her a quick call and yay we were off to another swimming pool! I was a bit nervous telling Alisha that we had to leave The Club. We told her that we needed to go home and get Daddy’s towel (which was true) and then we’ll go swimming. Thankfully, she bought our reasoning.

By the time we reached my aunt’s condo, it was already 12.45pm. Usually I’d say no to midday swim sessions as the sun would be directly above your head but thankfully it was rather cloudy so it wasn’t so hot. Besides, I couldn’t break my promise especially after taking her on a wild pool-hunt.

There was no one else swimming so my husband and Chemps had the entire swimming pool to themselves. Alisha had so much fun even though it wasn’t a pool with slides and carousels and whatevernots. She had her Daddy and the pool and that was all she needed 🙂

So that basically concluded our Saturday, after swimming we had lunch and my two swimmers pretty much passed out for the rest of the day, hahahaha!

Sunday came and it was another day Alisha looked forward to. After breakfast, we dropped by the DSH to send over some items to one of my best friends. She gave birth to a pretty little princess named Zea Alayna on the 29th of June *swoon*

Me and baby Zea Alayna

Then we drove off to Hospital Serdang to visit my Atok. Two weeks ago, he had a fall and broke the top part of his left femur, closest to the hip bone. So we try to visit him every weekend to lift his spirits a little. He loves it when Alisha drops by. Last week, she gave him a balloon and they ended up playing “swords” with it. This week she brought her Dolly along to cheer him up.

Me, Alisha and my Atok 🙂

After spending a bit of time with Atok, we were off to a birthday party! It was a triple celebration where Harith and Athirah turns five and Uzair their younger brother turns four. After attending their party previous years, I am well aware that when Munirah throws a kids party, it is best to forget about putting Alisha in dresses, hahahahah!

I swear it was the most fun Alisha’s ever had at a birthday party. There were so many things to do! They had a free flow of ice cream cones, a bouncing castle, body boppers, canvases where the kids could unleash their inner Van Gogh, a water balloon fight session, a corner where kids could make their own play-dough or mess around with home-made slime and best of all, a water slide!!

Alisha did EVERYTHING! She was even smack in the middle of the water balloon fight! She started her rounds of fun with the painting activity and ended with the water slide.

Making her own play dough 😀

Checking out the body boppers

Slip n slide!

Initially, the husband and I didn’t expect her to want to try the water slide, but when they brought it out, she tugged on her Daddy’s hand and said “Jom! Jom!”

Were we ever surprised! I think she went slipping and sliding for about ten rounds!

An interview with the slipping’ sliding’ Chemps
 I gotta say kudos to Munirah and Shauqi for throwing an amazing kids’ party. It’s not easy to keep that many number of children busy and entertained but I think not one kid went home unhappy. Actually, in fact most of them didn’t want to go home, hahahhaha! Even the husband and I had an awesome time!! So much that the husband has scrapped my “Princess themed party” idea for Alisha’s birthday for something more FUN. (cheh, nak kata idea aku tak fun la tu). Hope you don’t mind us borrowing a few ideas from your party Munirah!

And that, my dear Doodlers, was what we did over the weekend 😀 Nothing beats awesome quality time with your family 🙂



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