Alisha visits the fire station!

Yesterday, Alisha’s school had a trip to the Putrajaya Fire Station! The trip was for the 3 to 5 year olds and parents were allowed to tag along. This Chempedak’s Mommy didn’t pass up the chance of course, I think I was more excited than Alisha, heeeeehehe!

I had to make sure Alisha reached school by 8am so obviously I dropped off a very moody baby at school as she usually wakes up at that time. Anyway, at 8.30 everyone was all geared up to go and Alisha was already hyped up for her outing!

Putting on their shoes…

Eh our shoes got stars!! Ching!!

Queuing up to board the bus

In the bus! Alisha’s favourite part always!!

After about an hour in the bus, we finally reached the Putrajaya Fire Station!

We’re here!! The kids were all assigned buddies in hopes that no one wanders away 😀
There’s Chemps with her classmate, Rafeeq 

Assigned buddies for the day!

We gathered in their multipurpose hall and was greeted by a little speech by the lead fireman for the day. I don’t think they were prepped to entertain kids as young as Alisha’s school group because they went on and on in monotony. Obviously none of the kids were interested in his babbling.

At the hall, waiting for the speech

Alisha listening intently, or so it seems

Once that was over, the fun part begins! The kids got to check out the fire engines, the rescue boats, and even hop on their super cool big bikes!

Look Rafeeq!! Fire truck!!

The friendly fireman explaining about the various tools they work with


But obviously these two were more interested in the gigantic tires

Then they all had chance to try and blast water from the huge water hose. Initially, only the elder kids were lining up to try it. Suddenly out of no where, Chemps walked up to the fireman, and wanted to try it out too! She had the happiest look on her face! I was extremely surprised that she volunteered herself without being asked. She just went on and walked right up there without the slightest hesitation, hahahhaha! She probably was thinking “yay main air!!”

Now how do I do this?

Ahh, yes! Like a pro, yo!

Some of the kids even tried on the fireman outfit!!

Lil’ fireman!

It was a good initiative from the school to introduce the young ones to the fire brigade. At least they know how it looks like at an actual fire station. Such exposure indirectly creates an awareness about the fire department.

I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t have the whole “put out the fire” demonstration with the huge bonfire. The kids had fun though, and that’s all that matters 🙂

Byeee fireman uncles!! 😀


  1. Aw, your little girl is ADORABLE, always with a cheeky smile. 🙂 I remember going on a field trip to a fire station during kindy too, and we even had the chance to go on one of those platform ladder things on the fire truck!

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