Chempedak In School Uniform

School holidays are over, and 2012 brings a brand new year with an overload of new experiences for the little ones who just started school. My Twitter timeline and Facebook updates is filled with proud and emotional parents, updating pictures and statuses of their children’s first few days at school.

I’m in that very same boat 🙂

Alisha has been going to Tassek since she was four months old. It’s a nursery/kindergarten right in my office building. I am so blessed to be working here. Everything is just so convenient. Alhamdulillah, Tassek is an amazing place as well and Alisha really enjoys herself there.

Yesterday, Alisha starts a brand new year at Tassek. This year, she will be in the 3-year-old group (even though she just turned two about four months ago). This year, she starts wearing a school uniform!!

In her brand new school uniform, all ready to go

My baby’s no longer a baby *sniffle*

For the past two years, it has been mostly play-learning for her at school but this year things get a little bit more serious. Well, just a little. Apart from having to wear her school uniform every morning (except Thursdays, the Muslim children wear baju kurung/baju melayu as they have Islamic studies in the morning), she also has school books this year. The books have not arrived yet; I will share them with you when they do.

Also, she has proper music class this year. They will learn things like do-re-mis (solfège) and percussions among others. I think Alisha will enjoy the percussions sessions; she is after all a drum enthusiast 🙂 Ooohh!! They also have computer class!! No idea yet what they will learn during computer class, I guess I’ll find out when Alisha comes home and conquers the laptop.

There will also be an additional ballet class which I have signed up Alisha, but they have to wait for a minimum number of students to sign up before they can start. I hope they meet the minimum number of required students. Can’t wait to put Chemps into a pink tutu! Hahahahah!

Anyway, the night I got her new school uniforms, I excitedly ironed on her name labels so that her uniforms don’t get misplaced or accidentally exchanged.

Uniforms labelled! 

Then we put it on her (over her clothes) to see how well it fits 🙂 A little bit big, but she’ll grow into it. Alisha loves her uniform! She refused to take it off that night, twirling around and giggling as her skirt flares around her.

Trying on her uniform at home 🙂

Every now and then she’d come up to us and ask “Antek tak? (cantik tak?)” and when you agree that her uniform is pretty she’d go “Mmm, antek kan? Ada wowerr, ada yibbenn (Mmm, cantik kan? Ada flower, ada ribbon)”.

She’s such a girl kan? All about the flowers and rainbows. Yesterday after school, she spent half an hour outside the house chasing a butterfly 🙂 Aih Chempedak, Mommy loves you so much! No matter how big you get, you will forever be my baby girl *hugs*


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