Europe Day 9 – Walt Disney Studios Park, Paris

The next day, my parents left for Malaysia, their holiday trip ends a few days earlier than ours as my dad had important stuff to attend to at work. Also, I think they were glad that their trip has come to an end, they looked completely exhausted from the entire journey. Who can blame them, we were moving hotels almost every other day. Packing and unpacking, walking almost everywhere all the time, and carrying all that luggage. Even us younger ones were tired but of course, we had the adrenalin rush of Disneyland that kept us high, heheheh ๐Ÿ˜€

So that left my mini family and my sister in this foreign land of absolute bliss! We woke up super bright and early to head to Disneyland Park again. You see, if you stay at any of the Disneyland Resorts, you are entitled to two magical hours ahead of everyone else. So instead of having to wait until the park officially opens at 10am, just bring your hotel card (the card slip that they put your room keys in) and your room keys, show it to the attendant at the park entrance and voila! You’re in Disneyland waaayyy ahead of everyone else! Although, I should note here that not many of the rides are open at this hour of the morning. Your best bet is to head off to Fantasyland first to walk around as the rest of the rides throughout the entire park hasn’t really opened yet.

Anyway, since we didn’t get to go on that many rides the day before, we went on a full fledged ride hunt the moment we stepped into Disneyland Park that morning! I went on the more tame ones but my husband and sister, they tackled the crazy heart-stopping roller coaster rides. After the Space Mountain experience though, my sister had a major migraine and we had to sit for a while to let her get the blood back into her brain while my husband plans their next hardcore ride, hahahaha, crazy duo.

Husband and sis went on this Indiana Jones roller coaster ride

Alisha and I waited for them to finish, and I let Alisha go lolly-crazy

Look! It’s a shipwreck!

I can fly! I can fly!

So since my sister wasn’t feeling too good, we decided to chill on a more relaxing ride. The queue wasn’t that long for Peter Pan’s Flight so we went there. As we were queuing up, my little Chempedak turned to me and sweetly said “Mommy, rice please?”

Alamak, lapar dah anak mak. Mintak nasi pulak tuh. It was only 11am then and already she was asking for rice, hahaha.. so Malaysian. Where was I going to find rice in Disneyland?! Hahahha! So after the ride, we looked around for the most acceptable form of food there was in this situation, Fish and Chips. We found Toad Hall Restaurant just a couple of minutes away from the Peter Pan Ride and so headed there for brunch. It was a quiet and cozy little restaurant, not too busy like the rest of the park so I’d recommend you to rest your feet and fill up your tummies here.

Toad Hall Restaurant

Ordering our fish and chips while Alisha’s still with her lolly

The ever friendly Chemps even manages to make a friend as we were in queue for food

Having lunch while watched over by a froggy knight in shining armour

Perut kenyang senang hati ๐Ÿ˜€

After a quick chomp, we were off again. This time, we headed off to Walt Disney Studios Park!

Walt Disney Studios Park! Yay!

You see, we bought the two-park entrance tickets, which enables us to enter both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Both parks are situated right next to each other, so there’s no need for a bus ride or whatever to get from one park to the next.

Walt Disney Studios Park was just as awesome as Disneyland Park!! It was less “fairytale” and “princessy”, and more towards the movies type of feel but still, it was a lot of fun. If you’re going with toddlers, I’d recommend you to spend time here as well! Lots of shows catered for the young ones, meet and greet sessions by the Disney stars and also fun parades to watch!

Mr. Disney and Mr. Mouse ๐Ÿ™‚

I got my little monster right here, heheheh

Hmm.. might not be a good idea to open “the door”?

Say cheese!

Alisha obviously not impressed by Donald Duck

Alisha’s thinking “this mouse is too close for comfort”

And now huge rats, hahahahhaha

Waiting for the parade to start

It’s starting! The Disney’s Stars and Cars Parade!

It’s Mickey and Minnie!’s Daisy Duck ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s Mary Poppins!!

There were loads of crazy rides too but since we got there at noon, well, you can imagine the queue. The husband was determined to go on at least one crazy ride so as we took Alisha to watch a Playhouse Disney show, he went on the Tower of Terror ride.

The weather was better the day before. It drizzled on and off os we walked around the Studios Park, but that didn’t dampen our spirits. We just went on to enjoy ourselves, but always making sure Chemps stayed dry and warm. Towards the afternoon, we decided that we were all “Disney”ed out. I wanted to browse the shopping mall and since it wasn’t Malaysia, shopping malls don’t stay open till 10.30pm, hahaha! So we said good bye to Disneyland and headed back to the hotel.

Before we left, we stopped by the park’s gift shops for souvenirs. Also can die ok. I wanted to buy SO MANY THINGS. Too bad, they were mighty expensive. So I left with a tiny fraction of all the Disney stuff I wanted. I wanted a snow globe so badly. They were all so lovely! Unfortunately, the Bijak Mengurus Wang side of me decided to emerge at the shop, and I went on my “needs vs wants” checklist in my head. Of course, I put back the snow globes on the shelf.

Side note : Two weeks after coming back from the trip, I was still regretting that I didn’t buy myself a snow globe. So I emailed Disneyland and they sent me this lovely Tinkerbell snow globe ๐Ÿ™‚ not for free of course, I paid! hahahah!

Then we went to the shopping mall, browsed around the shops. Almost every shop was on sale!! Longchamps were up for grabs at RM200 to RM300 je! BUT I didn’t buy any. Hard to believe kan? Hhahahaha! I should’ve bought five and sold them here. Gosh.

Anyway, after walking around the mall for a while, we got hungry so started planning dinner. The husband remembered my father mentioning that fresh oysters were relatively cheap here so we went to the supermarket to see if we could find any. We hit the jackpot and the husband bought us a crate of half a dozen juicy lip smacking fresh oysters. We bought some lemons as well and headed back to our hotel rooms, grabbing some fillet o’ fish from good ol’ McD’s along they way.

MMMmMmMMm… fresh oysters!

Thankfully, the husband brought along his Swiss Army knife (or pisau MacGyver, as my dad calls it) otherwise we would’ve had a problem getting the oysters open. Even then it was a major challenge cracking them oysters. Through sheer determination though, my super strong hero managed to open them all, and we sat and enjoyed our haul of the day!


We could’ve gone back to Disneyland Park for another round of fireworks, but we were all just too tired to move so we decided to call it a day. Two days was simply not enough to enjoy the entire two Disney parks. Allah willing, we’ll be back, some other time ๐Ÿ™‚ For the time being, there was lots of packing to be done and in the morning we’re off to London!


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