Europe Day 6 – Stonehenge!

After touring the City of Bath, we decided to take a bus ride to visit one of the wonders of the world, the Stonehenge.

They have these cool purple busses by Scarper Tours that takes people on tour to the site so we thought, why not? The tour tickets was priced at £15 per adult and entry fee to the Stonehenge site is £7.50. So altogether it costed £22.50. We paid straight up to our tourguide so he handled everything else. We just sat back in the bus and enjoyed the ride.

Purple bus tour! Yeah! That’s our fun tour guide 😀

 It took about an hour to reach the Stonehenge and along the way we saw other interesting sites such as the chalk hill carvings of the White Horses, some burial mounds and other stuff I can’t quite remember. We even passed by several thatched villages! That was an awesome view, I mean, I usually see these thatched villages in paintings and pictures and to see them right in front of my eyes was really something else. They looked so quaint and cosy, I wished I could’ve taken a look inside.

These are not tatched villages, I don’t remember what they are.. hehehe..

We finally reached the Stonehenge and after getting our audio guides, we proceeded to the green fields with the Stonehenge right in front of our very eyes.

Ok I have to admit, previously, I used to think to myself “They’re slabs of stones piled on top of the other. Big deal.”

Well, seeing the Stonehenge in real life totally changed my perspective. These were not just slabs of stones. The Stonehenge is HUGE. Like. HUMUNGOUS.

Full view of the Stonehenge

How’d they manage to arrange it like that?!

How in the world did anyone manage to pull off that construction without the use of cranes?! It’s gotta be some THING! It couldn’t have been human. I swear, it’s just mind-boggling.

As we walked around the Stonehenge, I just kept staring at it in absolute awe. Snapped tonnes of pictures and after having enough of grey and green on the camera, we sat down for a little picnic and just enjoyed the cold wind and the beautiful scenery in front of us.

Chewaaahh, cam gambar honeymoon lak

Chempedak with her favourite bag of chips

Always the little photographer

If any of you ever get the chance to, you just have to visit the Stonehenge! It’s simply out of this world!


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