Alisha tweets all by herself!

This morning, I woke up super early to finish up the Hong Kong trip photobook (yeah, no post done on that yet, ish.. must find time).

As I was busy arranging photos and all, I received this tweet from a friend.

I was like… eh…? What tweet? So I checked and realized OMG! She tweeted something!! 9 hours ago?? That was at 11.30 pm! She was not asleep yet?? I fell asleep before her, she was still fiddling around with my phone at that hour??

Most importantly, what video did she share!??!

So I quickly clicked the link and this was what she shared.

Hahahaha! Aih Chempedak.. how in the world did you manage to find that video on Youtube?? You were watching Elmo the last I remembered.


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